A Local’s Guide To Shopping In Birmingham

Since moving to Birmingham a little over two years ago, I’ve noticed a couple of things. One, the people are incredibly friendly, two, the shopping here is great. Yes, I know its not up there with the likes of London, but who said it has to be? Birmingham is one of the most multi cultural cities in the United Kingdom, meaning its variety of shops are there to suit the population, resulting in no one being left without a decent outfit.

My personal style doesn’t require me to wear a suit and tie every day, nor do I need a high end tracksuit but I am ridiculously well catered for when it comes to finding the perfect piece or outfit. Allow me to walk you through a few of my favourites and why they should become yours. Yes, I’m going to mention a few chain stores but also some Brummie locals.

Liquor Store

Liquor Store is a favourite all across the UK, but a firm favourite for the Brummies who care about their clothes, where it came from and the storey behind the brands. The staff here are beyond knowledgable, they know each brands story, their process and their ethos, you really feel that you are buying into and from somewhere special.

The Mailbox

Arguably one of the most stylish retail options in the city. Boasting names such as Harvey Nichols, Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger, making it a hot spot for those who enjoy a little bit of luxury.

There’s much more to The Mailbox than just shops, there’s also Medicine who create beautiful pastries and sandwiches and the Everyman cinema, making The Mailbox a full day out, not just a stop on the way.


I am being ever so slightly bias here because Matt (the owner) has become a close friend of mine, but that doesn’t mean that is clothing is sub par. Provide have become a Birmingham staple, creating designs that are not only aesthetically brilliant but also encapsulate all of the beauty that this great city has to offer.

The Bullring

I couldn’t mention Birmingham without mentioning The Bullring, an absolute Mecca when it comes to fashion in the city. Over 140 stores have mad The Bullring their home, my personal favourites include brands such as Arket, Boss, Cos and Lacoste.

Written by Tom Loughran