A Guide to LC:M – The Essentials

London Collections: Men kicks off this Sunday and the MFM office is readying itself for three days of business (and suitable doses of pleasure). There is no doubt that the session of shows, presentations and various events is not without its challenges: above all, style is – of course – everything. We chatted to a handful of seasoned fashion week veterans and asked them about their essentials for the intensely packed agenda of early mornings, long days and late nights.

Phil Green – Personal Shopping/Menswear Specialist, Farfetch

lcm 1

“My number one essential for LC:M has to be an umbrella. Let’s face it, we would love to have a session with the climate of Milan but sadly the British summertime is just never that kind to us! London Undercover umbrellas have all the bases covered.”

navy gent umbrella

“My other essential is a notepad. When your smartphone goes into overdrive from Twitter and Instagram, it’s good to remember why you’re there: to look at and note the trends for the next season. For this, Smythson are at the top of their game.”

bond street

Stephen Kelly – Presenter and Stylist

lcm 2

“LC:M can throw all manner of eventualities at you – from the infamous changing British weathers, to dashing from interview to front rows, to 3am cab hailing. While planning outfits can prove tricky, the ‘anything goes’ attitude of London menswear means no restrictive dress codes.

Sunglasses are vital for protection from the sun, but also to keep your eyes vaguely in their sockets the morning after the night before, hiding the fash bags.”

swift champagne

“And a good moisturiser to freshen up as day turns to night. With drinks often flowing freely, the desire to indulge can result in dry, tired skin. Give your skin a revitalising boost – I love the Facial Fuel from Kiehl’s.”

facial fuel

“It’s also non-stop for three days straight, so it is vital that you have plenty of coffee and painkillers to hand. Better still, pick a painkiller with caffeine built in. Make like Don Draper of a morning and go for Alka-Seltzer Plus.”

alka seltzer

Paul McGregor – Founder and Editor-in-Chief, MFM

paul mcg

“A decent bag is a big essential – stuffed pockets is not a good look. I always opt for something with a bit of space, as you start the day with a lot of various bits and finish up with even more. You’ll want to create a statement with the bag you choose; it’ll play a big part in your overall look. And a portable charger is a necessity because by about 1pm your phone is already sitting at 5% battery. Here are a couple that I’m a fan of, and the pouch style even has an in-built mobile charger.”

computer totefilan battery

“The weather man is confident that this season’s LC:M will actually take place in scorching temperatures. Although the Great British summer’s unreliable antics suggest that you should take promise of sun with a pinch of salt, it’s still important to dress for heat. Go for a loosely structured linen blazer – this can dress up a casual look or be worn in a more formal ensemble.”

richard jamesprince of wales

Terry Donavon – Founder of The Sartorial 7

terry donavon

“A good-quality, comfy pair of shoes; ideally not a spanking new pair because they’ll need breaking in. When it comes to footwear, Sweeney have hit it on the nose with this comfortable yet slick looking shoe.”

double monk

“Something to carry your tickets in is essential: keys, phone, wallet, tickets, comb, etc. – the list could go on. What you don’t want is to pack all that into your pockets; it will give your best suit a shocking silhouette! Chapman have pulled this little treat together with a little help from Julian Ganio. It’s the perfect understated man-clutch.”

mens clutch

Daniel Rhone – Style Director, MFM

daniel rhone

Long days, late nights and early mornings: the LC:M schedule certainly stretches your stamina over the three days and shielding those weary eyes first thing is essential for me. The ‘Brunel’ is a classic frame from Taylor Morris and with its brown tortoise shell frame and mineral green lens, it’s the perfect colour combination to go with whatever I’m wearing.”


“I tend to carry a lot while at shows, so having a sharp-looking bag in my possession is a necessity. The Cherchbi ‘Barrett’ bag is made from a beautiful oiled leather, practical with specifically arranged compartments and, first and foremost, is an incredibly stylish luggage piece.”

flap brief

Jonathan Daniel Pryce – Award-winning Photographer of GarçonJon

daniel pryce

“During the menswear shows I’m on my feet all day, so comfortable shoes are a must. I think a good pair of Nike Free Runs always keep you going.”

nike free run

“I also bring a sturdy pair of Clarks leather brogues as they’re smart, still comfortable and versatile enough for me to wear to evening events.”

edward limit

My View: Adam Titchener – Stylist and Contributing Writer, MFM

adam stylist

“LC:M is a whirlwind three days in the menswear calendar. Being organised is one of the most vital elements in being able to navigate three solid days of shows and a quality bag helps – for your show invites, iPad or iBook, phone charger, sunglasses, Berocca, notebook, pen, business cards… The list goes on and on. Something sleek and stylish is essential. This bag from Piquadro is the perfect example of a bag that has expertly married the two ideals.”

double briefcase

“The long days and even longer nights take their toll on even the most experienced of the fashion world. Keeping your eyes open and focused for those early morning presentations can be a challenge, so I would highly recommend Kiehl’s Eye Alert. It not only freshens and moisturises around your eyes; its cucumber extract is cooling and the vitamin E and caffeine wake up the drowsiest of fashion addicts.”

eye alert

A Final Note

Everybody has their own remedies, tools and tricks of the trade to stay firing on all cylinders over the course of LC:M. This is just an insight into what keeps these experts alive and kicking but if you’re going anywhere near the shows this season, you’ll likely want to heed their advice!