A guide to choosing the best garden room

A garden room is a multipurpose haven that can suit many different needs: from additional storage space to a home office or a place for lounging, where you can forget your worries or spend some time closer to nature. However, the number of choices and criteria can turn the task of choosing a garden room into a difficult one. This article presents a step-by-step guide to make your decision easier. 

For many, garden rooms work as an extension to the house built to provide additional storage space or even a garage. Still, they can serve many purposes:  a small home gym, a workshop or atelier, an office or even a guest room, among others. 

Even though garden rooms are often associated with the warmer seasons, they are a wonderful retreat space for all year, even during winter, as wood provides the thermal comfort and insulation conditions needed. One of the advantages of garden rooms is the wide variety of models: in size, type, materials and even style and decor. Quick Garden has a vast selection of wooden garden rooms that you’ll fall in love with, and a helpful customer service staff to clarify all your doubts – you can browse them here: https://www.quick-garden.co.uk/garden-rooms/ 

Knowing which purpose your garden room will serve is also a crucial aspect when it comes to choosing its size. If you are just looking to store your camping equipment and bicycles, smaller rooms are sufficient. However, if you intend to use it for other activities, such as the ones mentioned above – a home office, guest room, garage or leisure retreat – it is essential to find a size that meets your needs. 

Another aspect to consider is where to place your new outdoor shelter. Think about what could be the most accessible and practical place for you according to the position of the main house, sun exposure, and the space the room will take in the garden, among other aspects. If you don’t want to install the room in the centre of your garden or close to your house, you can install it in the shade, near trees or hedging. Just note that the best is to install it on a levelled ground surface, preferably cemented or with a wooden deck.

Although most of the wood used in garden rooms has received some kind of treatment to maintain its quality and longevity, it is still important to have a maintenance routine every year, or, at least, every two years, as wood absorbs moisture and, with time, can rot without treatment. Wood maintenance is not hard, though – most of the time, a coat of varnish or paint is enough to keep it in good condition and looking as new.

And last but not least – for many people, it is indeed, the best part – styling your new garden room! Minimalistic, rustic, modern or classic, it all depends on your taste, and the internet is always flooding with inspiration for great design and decoration ideas for wooden houses. The perfect decoration will make you want to spend even more time enjoying your garden room, so start planning it now!