A Big, Strong Handsome Travel Bag Will Make Your Winter Trips Infinitely Brighter

Time for those that live busy lives can feel like a luxury, and finding time to hit the gym, or commute when your day is jammed packed with work and social obligations.

Or getting out of town fast?  We don’t blame you, but instead of throwing all your overnight gear into your work bag, try investing in a travel bag that can hold everything and will be your perfect companion. Not only will you be seen as a guy with impeccable taste, but a guy who knows how to separate work and play. 

To step it up, opt for the MAXIM travel bag, spacious, stylish, and made from vegan leather that is supple and blemishless and a very functional travel bag. In a great black pebble design, complete with twin top handles, detachable shoulder strap, easy to get into with two way zip fastening, and an inside zip compartment to keep your valuables safe. Finished off with the great ‘Ricco Zano’ branding on the outside. 

Ricco Zano reflects their superior style in their range of bags that are eye-catching and suitable for a whole range of different occasions and looks. The MAXIM travel bag has an overall feel that is robust rather that delicate, the construction and finishing of the holdall appears to commensurate with the standard of the overall finish: high quality, even the stitching and the result is an aesthetic that is is equally at home on a packed commuter train as it is on a private jet.

When travelling, whether by train, plane or car, bags have revolutionised the way we travel. Size matters for the best way to carry all your essentials, as any pro traveller knows, and  the golden rule is to travel with hand luggage. And talking of flights, as well as being able to slip through the tightest of airport queque and squeeze into the overhead lockers, this stylish travel bag should add some serious verve to your jet setting look.

Because that’s how they do it in First Class, son.

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