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Being back in the office during the week means the clothes that bring us the most comfort have taken a back seat. Thankfully, the weekend means freeing yourself of the

So what are separates we hear you ask? Well, a separate is a semi smart outfit where the jacket and trousers don’t match. These outfits work great at smart/casual events,

This gent rocks separates, showing you how elegant is can look. A suit isn’t the only formal option, and this classic look is faultless.

For decades, a style debate has raged among men, creating a divide even among colleagues and close friends over a seemingly simple question: tucked or untucked? While this debate doesn’t

Source: kiuikson/ The world of men’s fashion is a canvas of constant change and adaptation. In 2024, we’re witnessing a shift in suit trends, where the sleek allure of slim

Fall beckons with its crisp air, the tantalizing aroma of pumpkin lattes, and the subtle transformation of leaves from green to shades of amber and burgundy. But beyond the allure

There we go, diving headfirst into the realm of business casual, and today, we’re unravelling the secrets of giving a light-coloured blazer a stylish twist that’s far from preppy. Italians,

Well: an unconstructed blazer is like the stripped-down, sleek version of your regular suit jacket. It ditches all the usual fancy stuff like inner lining, extra padding, canvas, and other

You know, we’ve always felt that the fashion industry doesn’t cater well to real men, on the women’s side, things are somewhat better, but when it comes to men’s fashion,

Welcome to the stylish world of men’s fashion in 2023, where suits and tailor trends are setting new heights of sophistication and elegance. Mens Fashion Magazine delves into the latest