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Despite what many Americans believe, American football is played in the UK at both international and domestic levels. However, it remains a very small game compared to other competitive sports. 

Being a man and trying to pick out something to wear can be relatively easy compared to our female counterparts, as we know we can get away on most occasions

Are American women more confident than British women? Yes, according to a survey by (, a dating service that connects British men and American women. Some results of the

 With 72 hat logo options, which one will be yours this Christmas? As sub-zero temperatures and heavy rains grip the UK, New Era and NFL have unveiled the ultimate cold-weather

While the NFL has for many years been the number one sport in America, its population globally has also been growing around the world. For many, even the casual fan,

Said to be among the manliest sports in the world, there’s no doubt that NFL is a huge sport with an enormous following. But has it always been so popular?

Just in time for the start of the new season, H&M is excited to announce its new partnership with celebrated American football wide receiver and style icon, Jarvis Landry. For

They say you can’t buy style; that style is somehow inherent within a chosen few. What you can buy, however, is a really good basic sweater — maybe, just maybe

In the age of sports science and new technology, athletes in the 21st century are fitter than ever. Their heavy schedules are combatted with strict regimens and diets to best

Def Leppard bass guitarist Rick Savage, and his son Scott have collaborated to create and produce a new, luxury clothing line, Overnight Angels Crew. The premium collection is set to drop 22nd September