9 Men’s Spring Fashion Mistakes To Avoid

Spring can be a great time for men’s fashion. You’re putting away all those heavy winter fabrics and throwing open your closet doors for lighter, fresher looks. Before adding to your spring wardrobe, you should familiarize yourself with common fashion mistakes that men make. By avoiding these missteps, you can stay stylish and fashion-forward for every occasion.

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Mistake 1: Not Keeping the Weather in Mind

Hot one minute and cold the next, spring weather can be tricky to navigate. You might regret wearing shorts too early in the year. You might also be inappropriately dressed if you’re the only person wearing shorts at some event or venue. Opt for lightweight men’s casual pants instead. You can find them in breathable fabrics that are suitable for warmer temperatures.

Mistake 2: Wearing Dark Clothes

You don’t have to avoid dark colors entirely. Black is a classic throughout the year, especially in formal wear, and colors like navy and maroon can be good choices for spring. You’ll just want to limit the overall amount of darkness in your wardrobe. Use dark colors sparingly or as accents for other lighter pieces. For example, a white blazer or sports coat might pop with a black shirt or bow tie. Dark pants can bring a nice contrast to a light spring sweater or cardigan.

Mistake 3: Not Checking Your Fit

A long winter can bring changes to your body and how clothes fit. The good news is that spring, the season of new beginnings, is a great time for transition. You can recheck the fit of your shirts, pants and overall wardrobe, noting which pieces need to be taken to a tailor for alterations. You can also use this opportunity to make sure your clothes are in line with certain dress codes. Dress shirts, for example, should be fitted to particular dimensions in relation to your frame.

Mistake 4: Not Wearing the Right Shoes

Your shoes are just as important as your shirt and pants. They can become a focal point of your style, especially when you wear rolled-hem pants that show off your footwear. Make sure that your wardrobe has a nice selection of mens casual shoes. Ideally, youll have something suitable for every kind of occasion, including sneakers for everyday wear and loafers or Oxfords for fancier occasions.

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Mistake 5: Sticking to the Same Shades

One of the joys of springtime fashion is breaking out bright colors after a dark winter. However, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to spring color choices. For example, you might always buy the same shade of yellow without realizing that there are dozens of hues, ranging from deep butter yellow to soft banana yellow. If you’ve found a color that looks good on you, don’t be afraid to explore and experiment with variations. You never know when a new one might perfectly complement your skin tone.

Mistake 6: Lacking in Layers

Layering is one of the main tricks to staying comfortable in springs ever-changing weather. If you wear a shirt, vest and jacket, you can remove the outer layers if the day suddenly gets warmer. You can even mix and match by wearing a shirt and vest combo or a shirt and jacket look. Simply put, by wearing layers, youll give yourself options. Youll also remain comfortable and relaxed in your clothing no matter how spring decides to be fickle. Its a win-win!

Mistake 7: Not Stocking up on the Staples

This is a mistake that people can make year-round, but it’s especially common in the spring when clothes get thrown out or replaced during a closet spring cleaning. Your wardrobe should always have plenty of staples like undershirts, dress shirts and fitted pants. You can build countless outfits around these essentials. Consider investing in versatile pieces, such as men’s polo shirts, that are suitable for work, school, business, leisure and more.

Mistake 8: Forgetting Your Accessories

Men’s accessories can run the gamut, from futuristic watches to old-school pocket squares. Other accessories might include hats, belts, ties, jewelry and cuff links. There’s no limit to how you can add a little pizzazz to your outfit. Depending on the occasion, you can even dress your accessories up or down, keeping them casual for day-to-day living but making them look nice and dapper for work or a date night. It all depends on the look you’re going for and the unique way you style yourself. At the end of the day, accessories can be a great tool for bringing flair to your wardrobe.

Mistake 9: Failing to Color-Coordinate

As we’ve already established, spring brings out the colorful side of men’s fashion, but a common error is to wear an abundance of colors without coordinating them. This can result in a mismatched appearance or an outfit that fails to bring out the depths and nuances of its color combinations. To fix this, teach yourself the basics of the color wheel and how various shades interact. You might also benefit from studying color psychology and the message that different colors can send. You can say a lot without saying a word when your outfit is just right.

Looking Your Best for Spring

Men’s fashion can take a vibrant turn in the spring, and it’s always nice to try new things and show different sides of yourself with your wardrobe. If you avoid these men’s spring fashion mistakes, you can ensure that you always look your best.