8 Trending Fashion for Men in 2020 (Eyewear, Bags and more!)

When we talk about trends in fashion, it’s not only limited to women because men also love to accessorize and dress up to impress. This year has shown that there’s an increasing amount of stylish males who joined the movement. Yes, men can be fashionistas and they’re not restricted to menswear, no, ‘cause they’re also into shoes, bags, eyewear, and many more.

Many fashion brands are run by Men for a reason.

Yes, you heard it right, the concept of men designing for women’s fashion is not an idea at all a few decades ago. Well, there’s certainly no problem there at all, some of the best brands that made waves in the fashion industry are established by men such as Yves Saint Laurent, Ralph Lauren, Givenchy, and Louis Vuitton.

To some extent, fashion that typically caters to women was amusingly not exclusive anymore for female-led brands only. This is in the same way in fashion shows because the creative director job isn’t just for women anymore, a large percentage of men have now successfully led such events.

Trends in Men’s Fashion in 2020

For fashionistas and alike, we listed here our predictions on what’s in and shall make the headlines in men’s fashion in 2020. Our breakdown is for you, regardless if you’re into ramping yourself up for fashion or simply just for curiosity.

1. Cross-Body Bags

Other than being a cool and stylish cross-body bag, your valuable items will be safe with this recent trend. You can go either for the belt bag (which made a comeback this year from the late 90s) or something slightly bigger such as messenger bag. Style meets security is the selling point of these cross-body bags. This is a cool way to spruce up any
outfit, and having a bag to keep your valuables is practical.

2. Shield Sunglasses

Another practical fashion trend is the futuristically designed shield sunglasses. Not only they shield your eyes from the sun, but they will also look awesome on you too. If you’ve seen the original Blade Runner movie, you will know how cool their fashion is on their make-believe dystopian world.

Hip and modern, shield sunglasses are one of the best alternatives for the traditional eye shades. For the best impression, try the oversized glasses, or if you want to keep it simple but still mysterious, go for the small pair.

May it be bright colored or subtle tones, these shades suit perfectly to any outfit and will be a popular accessory in 2020.

3. Two-Strap Slip Ons

Give your feet some rest and room to breath with these pair of hip and trendy two-strap slides. Traditional footwears are so last year, these sliders are comfortable to wear and look neat as you walk. Get a pair from reputable brands, and match them with suit pants, jeans, or trousers. While it’s best to wear them during the summer, they’ll be fine as well at any season.

4. Biker Leather Jacket

If there’s anything in this list that simply never goes out of style, then that is definitely a black leather jacket. These manly and hip jackets didn’t make a comeback, they were never out in the first place. Get that Marlon Brando, Mick Jagger, or James Dean look by matching your leather jacket with jeans or dark trousers.

To achieve that year 2020 trend, add some extra twist to complete the outfit. Ensure that it’s a 2020 trend by adding a street style twist to it. You can never go wrong with this jacket, either you go the classic look or add some modern elements

5. Colored Contact Lenses

Who says men shouldn’t wear colored contact lenses? A few years ago, colored contact lenses are supposed to be a female fashion accessory, well, not anymore because men wear them for vision correction and fashion purposes.

The Bottom line is if you’re planning to give more life to your eyes, then, by all means, change its looks by using applying colored contact lenses. And when it comes to the best selection of colored contact lenses, come visit ttdeye.com and make your choice.

6. High Waisted Trousers

Well, it will never be a thing in the 40s if it wasn’t fashionable enough. And now, High Waisted Trousers are making a comeback and millennial men seemed to find them trendy. Maybe versatility is the main reason why it pops in the fashion world every now and then. Best paired with a tucked-in T-shirt, or an open shirt will do as well. This will be comfortable to wear all throughout the year.

7. Relaxed Fit Suits

Fitted suits may still be around by 2020, but predictions by fashion experts indicate that loosed or relaxed fit will be making its rounds as well. You can start with a little subtle, or may something that screams extraordinary, either way, formal wears will never go out of fashion.

To complement the look, mix it with a pair of plain sneakers, a white T-shirt, and Buttoned up Blazers. And don’t forget to wear them with confidence!

8. Flares Pants

Making its nth comeback is the 70s’ flare pants or otherwise known as bell bottoms. This slim fitted upper leg and which loosens up down to the ankle made an impact before, and it will now try again.

Best to mix with a slim top or turtleneck to highlight the bell bottom. Throw in some pair of boots as well for a greater impact.