8 Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring

With the various engagement ring designs available in the market, buying the perfect ring can be daunting. Not only is an engagement ring one of the most significant purchases you will ever make. An engagement ring is pretty expensive. You also want your significant other to love and be proud of wearing it, so you cannot afford to go wrong. If you are planning to pop the big question, here are eight tips to help you purchase a perfect ring your partner will treasure.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the 4Cs

The first step to purchasing the perfect engagement ring for your better half is knowing the 4Cs. The 4Cs is the worldwide standard that enables you to determine the quality of a diamond and make comparisons.  The four Cs refer to:

  • Cut: The cut refers to how the gemstone or diamond was crafted from its initial state, not the shape. It also dictates how the ring sparkles when light passes through it and is graded from excellent to poor.
  • Clarity: It refers to the absence of visible marks, blemishes, or inclusions visible to the naked eye. It dictates the ring’s flawlessness.
  • Color: Diamonds’ colors are often graded from D to Z, with D showing no color and Z being light yellow. Colorless rings are the rarest, so they are more expensive. Today, fancy colors such as chocolate, pink and yellow are becoming popular.
  • Carat: The carat refers to the diamond or gemstone’s weight or size. Most engagement rings have an average size of 200 milligrams or one carat. 

Once you familiarize yourself with the four Cs, you should establish which is most crucial to you. This will help you eliminate the rings that do not fit your preferences, allowing you to zone in on a ring that will appeal to your significant other.

  1. Select the ring shape

The shape refers to the ring’s outline when it is viewed face-up. Some popular engagement ring shapes include round, the most popular and sought-out ring shape, oval for long and lean fingers, pear, square, rectangle, heart, emerald, cushion, Asscher, marquise, and princess, to mention a few. Be sure to tailor the choice of the perfect engagement ring shape to your significant other’s style and preference.

  1. Do not get caught up in trends.

Avoid basing the choice of your engagement ring on the current trends, as they often change quickly. Instead, opt for timeless and unique engagement rings your partner will want to wear forever. You can do this by checking your partner’s jewelry collection to determine what suits their style best. 

  1. Consider what your significant other wants.

While your partner will not tell you directly, they already know the kind of engagement ring they want. Do your due diligence to get them a band tailored to their taste and preference. After all, it is your partner who will be wearing the engagement ring every day. Here are various ways to figure out the type of engagement ring your significant other wants:

  • Pay close attention to the style of jewelry they already own
  • Enquire from your significant other’s immediate family members and friends
  • Check your love’s social media
  • Tag your partner’s best friend along when going ring shopping
  • Pay attention to how your partner reacts to other people’s engagement rings
  • Listen to your lover’s comments about particular styles as they flick through fashion magazines
  1. Add a special meaning

Give your proposal meaning by creating an additional sentiment behind your engagement ring. There are various ways to give your engagement ring a sentimental value, including resizing a unique ring or resetting a diamond from your mother or grandmother.  You could also design a forever us ring to show that your significant other is your lover and best friend or add an engraving with a romantic message or your initials or names. A gemstone ring with your partner’s birthstone or the day you met can also add sentimental value to your proposal.

  1. Keep the wedding ring in mind

While it may appear a bit early to think about the wedding ring even before you pop the big question, you should never forget that the engagement ring is half the equation. Before narrowing it down to a specific engagement ring, determine what style of the actual symbol of your love, the wedding band, would complement the ring. Some engagement rings do not allow the wedding band to fit snugly against them. By keeping your wedding band in mind, you will avoid spending thousands of dollars to have the engagement ring resized to complement your symbol of love.

  1. Choose the right vendor

One of the most crucial aspects of purchasing an engagement ring is deciding where to buy it. You could buy your ring in various places, including private and national jewelers, on the web or from your local store. Be sure to conduct extensive research before settling for a specific vendor. You could read online reviews to zone in on a reputable store if you opt to shop online. You could also request referrals and recommendations to the best vendors from family members, colleagues, or friends who have bought engagement rings before. However, ensure that you compare prices before buying to prevent spending more than you should.

  1. Create a budget

Before you hunt for a perfect engagement ring, determine how much you are willing to spend on your purchase. Avoid the two-month salary rule and consider your financial capabilities before settling for a specific ring. An engagement is the beginning of a new journey, and you have a wedding and family to plan for, so you should look into different inventories to pick a ring with a fair price point.


Getting the perfect engagement ring for your significant other does not have to be a challenging and stressful process. Familiarize yourself with the four Cs, pick the right ring shape, consider the wedding ring and what your partner wants, create a reasonable budget, and choose the right vendor to buy an engagement ring your partner will love as much as they love you.