8 Best Countries for an American Man to Find a Wife

International dating has been growing increasingly popular in recent years, and more and more men are looking abroad for women to date and even settle down with. However, even though it is a great way to spice up your life with a woman from a different culture, international dating does have its Dos and Don’ts, just like any other form of dating.

Probably the first big thing to consider if you want to experiment with this form of dating is to figure out exactly where you want your future date to be from. After all, there are quite a few huge differences between women from North America and Europe, women from Southeast Asia, women from Eastern Europe, Latinas from South America, and women from Africa.

To help you figure out where you should look for your date, here is our list of the best countries for an American man to find a wife.

1. Mexico

Most American’s first instinct when they think of a foreign date or a mail order bride is to imagine a Southeast Asian or an Eastern European woman. However, the right answer for many lies much closer – just beyond the US’s southern border.

Mexican women have everything an American man could want from a wife, and more – they are very family-oriented, they are passionate and loving, and they are also hardworking and devoted. Plus, with Mexico being as close to the US as it is, you’d be looking at drastically lower traveling expenses than you would with most other countries on this list. After all, there is a reason why there are over 37 million Mexicans living in the US already.

2. The Philippines

Probably the first country most people think of when they hear the words “mail order bride,” the Philippines are so synonymous with the practice of mail order marriages, that their government has officially banned mail-order marriages.

Don’t worry, however – this ban only applies to mail order agencies and the like. If we’re just talking about chatting up a lovely Filipina lady on an international dating website and dating her online for a while until she decides to immigrate to the US – that’s absolutely permitted.

So, despite the Filipino government’s best efforts, thousands of Filipina women keep chatting with and dating foreign guys, and keep moving abroad with them. If you too are fascinated by the idea of a passionate, petite, and family-oriented Southeast Asian beauty who’s very interested in moving abroad – the Philippines are the first place to check out.

3. Ukraine

Looking for a Ukrainian woman for marriage has always been incredibly popular for Americans and other Westerners, as Ukrainian women are famous for their gorgeous looks, strong personalities, hard-working attitude, and family-first culture.

With the recent Russian invasion of the Eastern European country, Ukrainian women have become even more interested in moving West too, and you can find lots of Ukrainian brides for marriage on online international dating websites.

4. China

If you want to look for an East Asian woman to date and potentially marry, there is no larger dating pool than China. With literally hundreds of millions of women in China looking for cool guys to date, you’ll be quite spoiled for choice of awesome, petite, highly intelligent, and well-educated women.

Of course, you’ll also have hundreds of millions of Chinese guys to compete with, but China has had its own demographic crisis for years, largely because of how strange and strained the relations between men and women have been there lately. So, it’s no surprise that countless thousands of great Chinese ladies have been looking to immigrate to the West every year in recent times.

5. Brazil

The quintessential Latina girl most people think of is Brazilian, and there are lots of great reasons for that. Women from this South American country are jaw-droppingly gorgeous, they have famously fiery and passionate personalities, they know how to party like no other, and yet they also have that signature Latina family-oriented culture we all know and love.

Brazil is also a country with people of many different economic and ethnic backgrounds too, so no two Brazilian girls are really the same. This is great on the one hand, as it means your choice will be even richer and more varied, but it also means you’d need to be extra mindful as to what type of girl you really want to date.

6. Thailand

Known as a hub of progressive attitudes toward sex and relationships in a sea of mostly conservative Asian countries, Thailand is a great place for a Westerner to find his future bride. If you want a Western-minded East Asian girl who is gorgeous, modern, fun but also ambitious and serious about her future, Thailand is the right place to check out.

The Southeast Asian country even recently legalized same-sex marriages, being only the third country in the region to do so after Nepal and Taiwan – that’s how ahead of most other countries in the region Thailand is in manners related to sex and relationships.

7. Columbia

A place that is greatly underestimated by Americans looking for Latina brides, Columbia is full of countless awesome Latinas who are eager to move north to the US for the right guy. Given all the political and social instability there, Columbia has inadvertently fostered generations of young people who are eager to move out of the country and only need the right support to do so.

More so, Columbia girls also share the exact awesome characteristics we’ve come to expect and love from Latinas – breathtaking beauty, passionate personality, and family-focused culture.

8. South Korea

Because of its pro-American attitudes, South Korea is often seen as a progressive country. This isn’t exactly true, however, as the politics and culture in this East Asian country have been staunchly conservative for decades.

Whether you see that as good or bad is a different question, however, there is no denying that the political environment in the country has led to a massive divide between men and women in the country in recent years.

This has led to various issues for the country, such as lowered marriage and birth-rate statistics, social turmoil, and more. For Americans, however, this translates into an awesome opportunity, as there are millions of young and absurdly gorgeous South Korean girls who are tired of dealing with South Koreans and are eager for a gentleman who would love them and treat them with respect.

More and more Westerners have been swooping in and sweeping South Korean beauties off their feet in recent years, and you can be one of them, too. Plus, the fact that South Korean women are so incredibly gorgeous probably doesn’t need to be mentioned.

Final word

Of course, there are many other great countries around the globe where you can look for your future wife. Everything is a matter of personal preference, after all, not to mention that every woman in every particular country is different, and ethnic stereotypes are just that – stereotypes. There are shy and reserved Brazilian girls, there are extroverted and wild Chinese girls and more – so choose wisely.