7 Ways to Define Yourself in Your Own Unique Way

Everyone wants to look great, but they don’t always have the pathway to that. They see pictures online and wonder how they can look the same, but looking like someone else dulls your individuality. Explore and define yourself in your own way.

You may take inspiration from Instagram influencers, but add a bit of your personal taste to your clothes. You can custom neck gaiters or wear bandanas and use them to style your backstreet look or wear a three-piece to give a gentleman’s vibe. 

As an individual, you can only feel and look your best when you know what styles and dresses fit your personality. However, here are some ways you can express yourself efficiently.

  1. Understand Your Body Type

You may notice something over the years, but it’s essential to understand your body structure if you wish to dress well. Knowing your body type or recognizing your bone structure helps you use clothes to show your best physical assets. 

For your body, some trends look better than most others. Do not persuade yourself that you need to wear all that you see on Instagram. Here are several details to include when shopping for clothes to fit your body type:

  1. If you have heavy calves, look for pleated trousers with a sharp taper.
  2. Make your jackets fit tightly along with a shorter hem that, if you’re a shorter guy, ends at your hips.
  3. Go for a deconstructed jacket for broader shoulders.
  4. Carry a double-breasted jacket to add weight to your frame if you are tall and slim.

2. Dress As You Work

You’re looking rough because you love ragged clothes, and cars with enormous wheels covered in gravel. For you, a suit-and-tie look is meaningless. A pair of jeans and boots combined with neck gaiters are more appropriate for you if you maintain the life of a cowboy.

Please remember your role in life before you buy clothes for yourself. Note the job you do, regardless of how much fun you would like to have in your style.

A middle school teacher needs to look professional in a large midwestern town, but wearing suits push it much farther. He should wear regular jackets coupled with jeans and check shirts, paying attention to his work demands. A tie would be too stuffy to make him look better.

On the other hand, a big city banker has a job that needs a business suit each day. Given the traditional atmosphere in a bank, in selecting ties, cufflinks, socks, and slight variations in the suit, you can express a distinctive sense of style by pops of color.

3.Consider Weather 

In the progression of your unique style, the environment plays a critical role. Let’s assume you live in the Southwest. For you, rain is a daily problem.

The central protagonist in our favorite classic film, Le Samourai, is an elegantly groomed hitman walking the wet and windy streets of Paris. The two factors that made the character look stylish all throughout the movie, played by Alain Delon, are a nice fitting trench coat and a high-quality hat. It is a perfect example, despite the rainy weather, to look stylish.

For hot weather, cotton fabrics are appropriate. For cold areas, heavier wool is necessary. Based on the temperature that you are most accustomed to, decide your clothes and shoes.

4.Get an Inspired Look

Maybe there is a celebrity that influences you, a public figure, or a model? From the clothing they wear, pick style markers and try to identify commonalities in their lifestyles and yours.

Are they similarly crafted? Embrace the cuts of their outfits then. Do they have political influence in their thoughts? Incorporate the colors they are wearing. Never go crazy and copy everyone else randomly. 

Find styling attributes that empower you and integrate them into your clothes. Test with items that empower you and know what’s working. If you notice a fantastic look that makes you feel good, put it in writing, or best yet, capture it.

  1. Learn Your Purpose 

A personal style allows you to know who you really are so that with your clothes, you can portray your beliefs. Nurture a signature style for who you are that helps you feel authentic.

You may have a history as an average person or army and call Alaska home. 

Features of your record should include your signature look. Use social signs to depict what’s vital to your life in the way you look.

To remind you of your late grandfather, wear his antique pocket watch. A coat of arms mounted on a suit jacket to inform you of the loyalty of a family. Working boots that remind you of your origin in Texas.

  1. Dress Your Age

Give a reflection of your age with the help of your clothing. Don’t try dressing at 32 as a 13-year-old boy. If it refers to how a man over 30 should dress, there are some standards and social values.

Likewise, if you like the concept of wearing a suit and tie and you work in a place where suits are essential, you must go for it. But they are not a realistic option for a high school kid.

  1. Make Up Your Mind Before Buying Clothes

Think about clothes and accessories which are on your go-to list before you loosen the buttons of your wallet and take a pricey chance on your next shopping spree.

Stay aware of the likes, dislikes, and what you need in your closet before buying a product. This small task will prevent you from shopping remorse.

When you’re about to buy a dress or accessory, take a moment to think:

  • Are my standards and personality mirrored in this item?
  • Is it acceptable for the world to which I am subjected every day?
  • Is it inspiring me?
  • Will my lifestyle fit with any of it?
  • Where and how long will I use it?
  • Does it match my closet with at least 3-4 other items?
  • Can I wear it throughout the year?

Consider making your purchase if, after answering these questions, the cost of the item is rational.

In your sartorial journey, developing a signature style is an interesting priority. It allows us to assess and create our own practical style. Even if you have no ambition of being a trendsetter, don’t stress over what your particular type needs to be looking like but work on it every day.