7 Summer Essentials Every Man Should Own

Trends will come and go but style, well, style lasts forever. Which is why when it comes to deciding what we do and do not buy this summer, we ensure there’s a healthy dose of style staples scattered amongst those key trend pieces.

Your style pieces are the cornerstone of your wardrobe, they may be updated from time to time but they should always be the basis of what you wear day in, day out. Here a few pieces that will ensure your summer goes without a hitch, and the summer after that, and the summer after that…

1. White Shirt

summer 1

Be it an oversize, lazing by the pool linen shirt or a short sleeved, cotton shirt for that evening meal in a swanky restaurant, no man’s wardrobe is complete without a white shirt. This style staple covers every social situation, be it the boardroom or the beach so make sure you always have a crisp, clean white shirt hanging on your rails.

fred oxford shirtgrandad shirtsshort cotton shirt

beams shirtssleeved grandad shirtlonger length shirt

2. Polo-Shirt

summer 2

The beauty of the polo-shirt is the ease in which it manages to cross that smart / casual divide, ensuring that you can wear it out during the day to the beach without having to take a trip home to change for the evening. Wear it with jeans, wear it with chinos, wear it with shorts, the polo-shirt will always look good.

willem polo shirtspa royal shirttipped polo

orlebar towellingtipping polo shirtlauren pique

3. Tailored Shorts

summer 3

The tailored shorts go perfectly with any other item on this list. Forget about those horrendous skinny denim shorts favoured by TOWIE wannabes or board shorts worn by surfer and skate kids and get yourself a good pair of tailored shorts.  In fact, get yourself two pairs – one navy blue and one pastel colour (light yellow or sky blue) and you’ll be set for the summer.

twilled shortssteven shortsaros light shorts

projects shortsstriped mens shortsbemuda shorts

4. Chinos

summer 4

From the affable American cool of JFK to the rebellious, Parisian chic of Serge Gainsbourg, the chino is most certainly a summer style staple. In much the same vain as tailored shorts, we, here at MFM, suggest you own one darker pair (navy goes with everything) and one lighter colour – you can’t go wrong with classic camel or maybe light grey.

urban crew chinosown blend chinosgarment chinos

fern camo chinosstone slim chinoscrew urban chinos

5. White Trainers

summer 5

While the white trainer is having something of a trend moment, it also happens to be a style staple. There is, of course, the classic Stan Smith trainer that seems to be on every gents wish list this summer but try to be a little bit different and slip into a pair of Converse Jack Purcell’s or classic old-skool Vans to stand out from the masses.

converse jack sneakerscanvas kitsune trainerstrue white vans

rod laverpure platinumcommon projects

6. Loafers

summer 6

Ah, the good old loafer, one of the coolest shoes around. The loafer cajoles the mind into thoughts of dapper gents sauntering along the sun-drenched streets of Monte Carlo or relaxing on yachts the size of houses. There is something daring and debonair about the loafer, a sense of sexy and cool yet refined and classy. Basically, the man we all want to be.

bruno weave loafersavocado loafersbow office weave

america penny loaferslarson pennytan office leather

7. Sunglasses

summer 7

Nothing quite says summer like a pair of sunglasses. Your choice of sunglasses (like all accessories) can make or break an outfit.

We suggest avoiding the over-the-top look associated with Topgun and instead keeping it gentlemanly and refined. The Ray-Ban Wayfarer is the best place to start but brands like Oliver’s People and Hans Kjobenhaven offer a great selection of stylish eyewear.

metal porter sunglassesfolding porter glassesleonard frame glasses

han sunglasseszilch glassesvoid frame glasses

A Few Final Words…

In a world where everything seems to be about the here and the now and clothing trends are shoved down our throats at an alarming rate, it’s always good to take a step back from the melee and realise what it is we really need for the summer months.

Style will always win over trends, because it will always be there. In a year’s time when one trend has been replaced by another, you will still be wearing your white shirt, your tailored trousers and your loafers. Of course, all of these style staples can be updated year on year but essentially there essence will remain intact.