7 Stylish Workplace Accessories

For some items of work wear, practicality and function will trump style. This doesn’t mean that your job site limits your fashion choices. It doesn’t matter if you spend your 9-5 in the office, on the road, or in a factory- you can still express your personal style through your accessory choices.

High-Quality Belt

A solid leather belt can pull an outfit together. Belts come in two main styles – casual and formal. Casual belts are best paired with denim or khaki trousers. In this case, you can experiment with different textures, like rough leather or embossed designs. 

Casual belts can also have statement buckles. Designer belts often include large logo clasps. You can also look through sites like eBay to find vintage, one-of-a-kind buckles. 

Formal belts are more refined and made from smooth, high shine leathers. This is your go-to belt for dress pants and suits. 

Whichever style you choose, you will need to ensure a proper fit. Ideally, a belt should be only one to two inches longer than your waist size. This prevents the need for creating additional holes or having to thread the short end past the first belt loop. 

If you’ve recently gone down a few dress sizes and don’t want to replace your favorite belts, don’t take matters into your own hands. Instead, take your belts down to a cobbler and get any needed alterations professionally done. 

Standout Socks

Socks are a great way for men to add a bit of style to another wise mundane outfit. Socks from sports brands like Nike and Adidas are perfect for wearing with sneakers or work boots.

Dress socks are thinner and extend past the ankle up to the mid shin. This length ensures that no skin peeks through the gap between the bottom of your trousers and the top of your shoes. 

If your workplace has a playful vibe, you can wear a cheeky pair of socks with a bold design to show a bit of your personality. If you have a more traditional workplace, you can’t go wrong with a classic ribbed or pin dot pattern. 

Choose socks made from sweat wicking materials like nylon and wool to keep your feet dry throughout the work day. 


Shoes are a surprisingly versatile area of men’s workwear. Suits and business casual attire can be paired with a range of styles, including loafers, wingtips, or chelsea boots. 

If your footwear contains laces, there’s no need to stick to basic black and tan. You can find thin, high-quality laces in vibrant colors that can add a bit of contrast to your look. 

In many workplaces, shoes are regulated by safety guidelines. This doesn’t mean that you are boxed into only one type of work boot.  Men’s steel toe boots come in a variety of styles, giving you a chance to add individuality to your look, even if you wear a uniform.


While you can’t go wrong with a well-made briefcase, they are by no means the only choice of stylish work bags. 

Laptop bags made from leather and high-quality metals can be a comfortable replacement for more formal briefcases. Canvas messenger bags and backpacks are a great option if you prefer a more rugged look.

High-End Wallet

Wallets offer the ultimate combination of functionality and style. While most men have one go-to wallet, it’s best to switch between two or more options. This reduces wear and tear and extends the life of each wallet.

The best wallets include features that match your lifestyle. If you need to show a pass or ID often throughout your work day, choose a style with a clear pocket window. That way, you can avoid fumbling around your wallet to fish out your identification. 

Some phone protectors also include cardholders and other wallet features. This can be a plus for convenience, but take care where you hold a bulkier item like this. 

Keeping a thick wallet in your back pocket destabilizes your posture and puts extra pressure on your spine. Over time, you can develop a painful condition known as “fat wallet syndrome.” Yes, that is a real thing, and you don’t want it. 

Tool Belts and Pouches

If your day-to-day work requires you to wear a tool belt, there are loads of well-made stylish options out there. Like belts and work bags, the best tool belts and pouches are made from leather. There are also nice-looking options in more heavy duty, cut-resistant fabrics, such as polyamide blends and nylon. 

When shopping for tool belts, look for lightweight models. Your load is heavy enough without the added weight of bulky fastenings or fabrics. Choose straps that are wide and provide extra cushioning.