7 Steps To A Clean Shave From Home

So if you’re not a fan of the beard, or you’re anything like me and you can’t seem to grow a beard to brag about… then what can you do to make sure that you always get a good a clean shave from home?

In todays feature, you’re going to get the 7 steps to mastering a clean shave from the comfort of your home.

As always, there’s a video to accompany this article that demonstrates each of the 7 steps in more detail.

The Clean Shave

The clean shaven look is easy to achieve but there’s a thin line between an easy shave and a trip to the Accident & Emergency department.

Over the past few years we’ve seen a huge rise in more men sporting a beard, but as my 92 year old Grandad always tells me… “there’s nothing better than a clean shave in the morning”.

A clean shave can look elegant and often compliment certain facial features.

But if your Dad never taught you how to properly shave, these 7 steps should help.

1. Use Warm Water To Soften Your Beard

You can use a pre shave oil for this step, but warm water is cheaper (and good enough).

Soak your face with warm water to soften the facial hair, softening your facial hair will not only feel refreshing… it will also make it easier to shave.

wash your face

2. Prepare Your Shaving Foam

There’s a variety of creams and foams that you can choose from, but using a shaving brush is highly advised.

Wet the brush and then use the brush to create a lather with the foam.

shaving foam

3. Apply The Shaving Foam

With the foam prepared it’s time to apply it to your face ready for the shave.

Don’t overthink this step and it’s better to apply too much foam than too little.

Use circular motions with the shaving brush to apply the foam and make sure you cover every area where you’re going to shave. Using your finger can help apply the foam to smaller areas such as underneath your nose.

applying shaving foam

4. The Shave

With the preparation complete it’s time to shave…

Choosing a good razor plays a big part in a good shave and I’d personally recommend using a Safety Razor or a Straight Razor. The razor being used in the video is a Cartridge Razor, it isn’t the best out there but Cartridge Razor’s are highly accessible.


To begin with, shave with the grain and use short strokes with light pressure.

There really is no need to rush a clean shave, take your time and rinse off the blade with every few strokes.

5. The Second Shave

A second shave can help you get a closer, cleaner shave.

Wet the face again, apply the foam and this time when shaving, feel free to go against the grain if you have too.

Go over any areas you missed the first time round, but if you’re lacking time the second shave is optional.

second shave

6. Deal With Nicks & Cuts

We’ve all done it and we all dread it… no man likes to cut themselves shaving.

The typical solution is to use toilet tissue to stop the bleeding, but Glyder is a smart way to deal with Nicks & Cuts.

glyder shaving

Glyder is a styptic balm that stops bleeding fast but also soothes the face from nicks and cuts. It’s packed with healing agents such as Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Argon Oil to help deal with any cuts you have after a shave.

I’ve been using Glyder for a few months now and the clever formula they use to help stop the bleeding and soothe the cut saves me time and also saves me a lot of embarrassment (if I do make a mistake when shaving!)

deal with nicks and cuts

Glyder have sent over a unique 15% discount code, but right now if you buy 2 you’ll also get free shipping on your order.

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There’s a few styptic pen’s out there but personally I feel Glyder is made with more natural ingredients that are built to help soothe and repair the cut.

styptic balm

7. Aftershave Care

Using cold water after a shave is a great way to cool down the face and also close the pores again.

A moisturiser and a good aftershave can also help replenish the skin.

after shave

Get Shaving

So there we have it, 7 steps to help you achieve a clean shave at home.

What shaving tips do you have? Share them in the comments below and if you feel this article could help someone (maybe one of your bearded friends) share it with them…

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