7 Road Trip Wardrobe Essentials

Summer is here, and one of the best parts of the season is getting out of town for a few days with friends or family to enjoy the weather. Sure, you may have some flights booked for some more extravagant vacations, but many of the best summer memories are made on humble road trips. Getting out of town for the weekend in neighboring cities and states is a quick way to reset your mind and enjoy new experiences. While planning for a more extended vacation can be stressful, road trips don’t need to be – especially if you use the following list as your guide. So, put together the perfect playlist and throw the following in your weekender before you hit the road, Jack.

Hiking Boots 

One of the most popular things to do in the summer is going on a hike. With the beauty of nature around you, getting in your steps and then some, plus gaining some serious muscle, hiking sure is both business and pleasure. Make sure you bring along your favorite Danner or Sorel boots so you can enjoy any trail you pass on the way to your destination, even more so if your destination is a campground or natural area.

Dark Denim 

No matter your destination, one wash that will be acceptable anywhere is dark denim. While the blue jean is easily the most iconic piece of fashion to date, not all washes are created equal in everyone’s eyes. Even if you prefer a medium or light wash, be prepared for any dress code by wearing your dark denim on this trip. Most high-end resorts and clubs allow dark denim but may turn you away in your distressed mid-wash jeans – no matter their price point. 

Backup Sunglasses 

Road trips evoke a sense of spontaneity for sure, but in all your devil may care behavior, it’s easy to lose your favorite pair of Ray Bans. It’s also hard to enjoy day trips, hiking, or time by the ocean without protecting your peepers. They say luck favors the prepared, so make sure you throw in a backup pair of sunglasses in your car before you head out of town. 

Light Layers

The key to staying comfortable in the car is similar to staying comfortable on a plane. Even though you’re in control of the temperature in your car, you may have other passengers that want things warmer or cooler than you’d prefer. Make sure you stay comfy and look cool with light layers that are easy to take on or off. For some, it’s a denim jacket, and for others, it’s a fleece pullover; layering pieces are key either way.

Crisp White T-Shirt

Nothing looks as good with everything as a crisp, clean, white t-shirt. If you don’t already have one (or five) in your wardrobe, today’s the day to add one. Investing in a quality Supima cotton tee will not only keep you looking sharp, but you’ll also be comfortable in any weather. White tees look great with chinos, jean shorts, and even swim trunks. They’re a piece that can be worn year-round and will never go out of style. 

Slip-On Sneakers 

Part of the beauty of road trips is the feeling of getting up and going. Let the same logic apply to your feet for this adventure. Our running shoes and lace-up sneakers have their place in our daily wardrobes, but slip-on sneakers are the ultimate getaway sneaker. White looks great with everything and black with most things. You can go with the iconic Vans slip-on or something similar; make sure you’re ready in a dash with a pair that fits your aesthetic. 

Head Gear 

Whether you don’t feel like dealing with your hair on the trip or can see yourself not getting enough sleep and needing to throw something over that messy mop, a hat or beanie will come in clutch on your journey. You likely already have a favorite hat or beanie in your dresser, so make sure to throw it in your bag before you leave. 

Road trips are one of the most relaxing ways to travel, and you can see so many more sights than traveling by plane or train. Make sure you’re ready for anything by packing the above for your next one. Enjoy the ride!