7 Grooming Hacks Every Man Should Try

Let’s be honest, we all love a good, quick fix. Whether it’s a new supplement to get us abs quicker, or a shot of Sambuca to get us drunk faster…

What are some of the hacks that you can apply to improve your daily grooming routine?

In today’s article, I will answer that question, walking you through 7 grooming hacks that every man should try.

As always, there’s a video to accompany this article that demonstrates 7 hacks in more detail:

1. Use A Styptic Pen

We’ve all been there, we’ve had a clean shave and somehow we’ve managed to cut ourselves. Not only is it painful,  it can be extremely embarrassing.

You have to leave the house, ready for work, with toilet tissue paper stuck to your neck. Now using a Styptic Pen is an an easier way of dealing with that embarrassment.

I’ve personally been using Glyder for the past few months and I highly recommend it. A styptic pen will simply soothe the cut, and at the same time it will help stop the bleeding.

deal with nicks and cuts

There really is no reason to ever use toilet tissue ever again when you cut yourself shaving. Get yourself a good styptic balm and deal with those nicks and cuts.

2. Use Olive Oil To Deal With A Dry Scalp

Dealing with a dry scalp is something a lot of us face. Now, there’s a lot of products, a lot of shampoos and conditioners already out there, that can cost you a lot of money.

A very easy and cheap solution to manage your dry scalp is to use a tiny bit of olive oil.

Olive Oil

That’s right, reach into your kitchen cupboard, get out some olive oil, and use a tiny amount on your dry scalp. It’s going to help relieve your dry scalp, and at the same time you can use the olive oil to actually cook yourself some dinner afterwards… that’s something you can’t do with expensive shampoos and conditioners 😉

3. Apple Cider Vinegar + Coconut Oil

This is another hack that’s going to save you money, and it’s the natural replacement for a good moisturiser and a good face wash.

You could easily spend a lot of money on moisturisers and face wash, but a natural way of cleansing your face and moisturising your face is to use apple cider vinegar and coconut oil.

I know what you’re thinking, apple cider vinegar to wash your face? Believe it or not, Apple Cider Vinegar is a really good way to cleanse your face and improve your skin.

Use a tiny bit of Apple Cider Vinegar, dilute it with some water, and then wash your face with it. Rinse your face with water afterwards and you’re not going to smell like vinegar throughout the day.

apple cider vinegar

Then once your face is dry, simply use a tiny bit of coconut oil as a moisturiser.

This hack is something you’re going to have to actually try to actually believe, but it does work.

It’s going to leave you with clear skin and it’s going to save you money.

4. Apply Antiperspirant At Night

Now an antiperspirant’s main purpose is to stop sweating. When you apply it in the mornings and you’ve already sweated throughout the night, all it’s simply doing is masking the smell.

So instead of going to bed without using antiperspirant and applying it in the morning… do it the opposite way.

Apply the antiperspirant before you go to bed, therefore stopping the sweat throughout the night. You can use a tiny bit more in the mornings if needed.

5. Use Vaseline To Prolong Your Smell

Believe it or not, vaseline is very good at making your smell last longer… but I’m not talking about the bad smell.

Ever applied cologne in the morning and after a few hours, that smell has worn off?

Applying a tiny bit of Vaseline on your neck before applying the cologne can help your smell last longer.


6. Use Activated Charcoal To Whiten Your Teeth

If you’re looking to whiten your teeth, activated charcoal might be the solution.

Activated charcoal is a good natural way of whitening your teeth, lifting stains. In fact, there’s been a lot of products that use activated charcoal as the main ingredient to help with teeth whitening.

All you have to do is get some activated charcoal, put it on your toothbrush, and believe it or not, scrub your teeth with it. It’s not going to look pretty as you’re doing it, but you’ll reap the rewards later.

7. Use Conditioner As A Shaving Foam

Last but not least, conditioner can be a good replacement for shaving foam. Don’t use it as a full time replacement, only use it if you don’t have any shaving foam available.

For example if you’re travelling, you get to your hotel, you need a clean shave before you head out but you’ve forgotten your shaving foam… reach for your conditioner.

second shave

Hack Your Grooming Routine

So there we have it, 7 grooming hacks that are going to help save time with your grooming routine, and at the same time improve your overall appearance.

What grooming hacks do you know? Share some of your thoughts, share some of your hacks in the comments as well. If you think this article is going to help someone, maybe someone who’s got very bad grooming, then share it with them as well.

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