6 Tips For The Best Undershirt

Gone are the days when undershirts were worn only by seniors or has-been rappers – every man should wear an undershirt. Why? Undershirts keep your appearance in check (no sweat pits or deodorant stains) and your shirts are guaranteed to last longer. They’re an essential for the professional gentleman.

People tend to avoid undershirts for a few reasons:

  • A visible collar and sleeve line can really kill your look;
  • Poor fitting undershirts are bulky, uncomfortable and never stay tucked in;
  • An extra layer of cotton can be ‘clammy’ and too hot through summer (and way too hot in stressful meetings and presentations).

Thankfully, undershirts have really improved over time – and if you pick the right undershirt, it can be a real game changer.

Here are our six key tips for choosing the ultimate undershirt:


1. Get an undershirt that is designed to be an undershirt.

Buying a simple white cotton shirt from the department store may be cheap, but it’s not designed to keep you fresh all day.

2. Get an undershirt with sleeves.

The problem area tends to be the armpits, which singlets can’t cover.

3. Don’t buy white!

It might be the most popular choice, but it’s also the most visible underneath a shirt. Ideally, aim to find a colour similar to your skin tone – this will significantly reduce visible sleeves and collars. Your next best option is a grey undershirt.

undershirt mens

4. Get a V-Neck.

Unless you wear a tie everyday and don’t take it off until you get home, get a v-neck – that common crew collar will always be on show if all the buttons aren’t done up. Typically a v-neck will not be visible when two buttons are undone, but if a low-cut look is more your style there are some that go really deep.

5. Don’t buy cotton.

It might be the traditional choice, but it’s prone to shrinkage, greying and pilling. Modal and bamboo are the way of the future – softer and more breathable, absorbent and durable than cotton.

6. Get an undershirt with a fitted design that will mould to your body shape.

Not only is it less visible and more comfortable, it also won’t add an illusional 10 pounds to your frame.

So there you have it! Everything you need to know about how to invest in a great undershirt.

Our Recommendation:


After trying a range of options available on the market, our best find was the NVSBL Undershirt. It ticks all the boxes: skin-tone colour, v-neck, form-fitted and modal. You can thank us later 😉