6 Reasons To Carry A Business Briefcase

When browsing briefcases online or in-store, you may find yourself drooling over the sleek leather and organized compartment, but also wondering why you should use it. Briefcases have become one of the classic work bags because they’re both practical and stylish.

While the design that we know has been in use for the past few decades, the original one dates all the way back to the Roman Empire. Throughout history, it’s remained a very popular bag with soldiers, in daily life, and business people. Over the centuries, it’s evolved into the relaxed and useful bag we know today.

Here are some key reasons why you may want to carry a business briefcase.

1. Makes You Look Professional

Whether they’re going for a job interview or going into the office, everyone wants to look professional. If you’ve seen someone in public with a briefcase, you probably realized that they give the impression of being put together and having a high-paying job. To some people, it can give the sense that they know what they’re capable of and know what they’re doing.

Briefcases have earned their professional reputation because they’ve been used in these settings– from offices to universities–for years. They’re often made from leather, or look like they are, which can add the illusion that the owner excels at their job.

You can buy an executive briefcase from Vonbaer.com or from your nearest shop. Finding one that suits your style will be easy because they come in a wide range of designs and colors. Wearing one that suits your outfit will make you look even more professional and put together.

2. Keeps Your Belongings Safely Organized

One of the main reasons to carry a bag of any sort is to hold your belongings. Using a briefcase will also ensure that they remain safe and that any important documents you have will remain crease-free. They also have different compartments for specific items. 

For instance, you can buy them with an in-built laptop sleeve to keep them from rattling around, and an area to place pens, stopping them from burying themselves at the bottom. When you sit at your desk in the office or on the train, you can easily stand the briefcase up next to you. This isn’t a coincidence, but it’s part of the design to keep your belongings where they’re supposed to be.

3. Remain Durable

Briefcases often look old and worn, which is sometimes part of the style, but it’s due to how they are made and what they’re made from. Traditionally, they’re made from leather, which is a strong, flexible, and resistant material. You’re able to wear it every day, despite what the weather is and have it stay undamaged for years. An added bonus is that it’ll protect your belongings from the weather, too.

Investing in briefcases will serve you better in the long run because they’re usually better quality and made extremely well. While cheaper ones can be made well, they’re likely to break more frequently because their production could be very quick and made from cheaper materials. You want to ensure that your bag will survive being thrown around or stay strong from holding all of your heavy items. Spending more money upfront will save you stress and inconvenience in the future.

4. Won’t Wrinkle Your Outfit

People who use briefcases will be the first to tell you that they don’t wrinkle your shirts. Instead, it’ll look as if your clothes were just ironed. 

Professional and office attire wasn’t designed to have straps from a heavy backpack pulling on them, which results in creases. These can appear around the shoulders and under the arms. The last thing you want is to show up to the office or an important meeting with easily avoidable wrinkles and marks.

Carrying a briefcase is the most convenient way to avoid this because it’s not touching your clothing in an aggressive or restrictive way. However, if you want to use your hands while you’re on the move, you can simply put the strap across your body, which won’t pull as much. In cases where the strap is leaving marks on expensive suits, you can simply carry it by the handles. 

5. Versatile 

While they have the reputation of being used in professional settings, they can actually be used anywhere and for many reasons. Some scenarios where a briefcase will be useful are:

  • If you’re going on a day trip and want to use your laptop, 
  • Transporting important documents to a lawyer 
  • Going to a café to do some writing

As mentioned earlier, there are many designs and styles of briefcases, which makes them even more versatile. You may find it useful to use a large brown leather one for work because you have a lot to carry and it suits your work outfits better. 

For daily use, a smaller black leather briefcase may suit better because it looks more modern. Alternatively, having the same type but in different colors means you can match it to your outfit rather than to the occasion. 

6. Makes You Look Mature

When people carry briefcases, it doesn’t matter whether they’re middle-aged or in their early twenties, they instantly look mature and put together. For people starting out in their career, using this instead of a backpack can help other people take them more seriously and let them know that you mean business. 

For example, if you’re teaching at a university, it can be easy to blend in with students. Using a briefcase can help distinguish you from them, while, at the same time, show some authority. 

Summing Up

There are multiple reasons why briefcases have remained popular over the centuries. They’re extremely practical and keep your belongings safely organized. Investing in a good quality one will give you a mature and professional first impression, while also lasting by your side for a long time. 

The versatility of them means you’ll get your money’s worth and it’ll ensure you won’t turn up to the office with wrinkled clothing.