6 Essential Fall Accessories Every Guy Needs

Baby, it’s getting cold outside! With the changing weather, many of us are unboxing our cold weather gear packed away over the summer. While it’s always a good idea to declutter items that no longer fit or serve you during a new season, it’s also a great idea to revamp areas of your wardrobe that are lacking. In Fall and Winter, layering is key, and one of the most important aspects of layering is the right accessories. If you need inspiration regarding your accessory drawer, keep reading for all the Fall essentials every guy needs. 


One of the hot accessories this summer was the bandana. The simple bandana has roots in cowboy culture and came in handy in hot weather for wiping sweat from your brow and working as a mask when needed. The bandana also serves several purposes in the Fall, not the least of which is keeping you on trend. Wear one tied around your neck for a smaller, lighter version of a scarf to keep your neck warm. And, just because others are comfortable without a mask doesn’t mean you need to be, so they’re still an option to stay safe in crowded spaces. 

No Show Socks 

You may equate Fall and Winter with your thick, chunky wool socks, which, while they have their place in a cold weather wardrobe, don’t always look the best. Investing in several pairs of men’s wool no-show socks is an easy way to keep wearing your loafers until the snow is on the ground. No show lets you keep sporting your favorite sneakers, loafers, and low-top boots without bulky socks showing or bunching around your ankles. Wool is the way to go as it’s thermoregulating and absorbs perspiration, which means you stay comfortable in a freezing office or your partner has the thermostat too high at home. 


The types of jewelry men wear fall in and out of fashion often, but bracelets are a trend you should pick up for Fall 2022. Men’s bracelets flatter every guy, no matter his aesthetic, are chunky chain link bracelets in gold or silver. If you’re looking for a more casual vibe, the braided “shark” bracelet is in thanks to the Y2K resurgence that’s still going strong. Opt for a bracelet of a high enough quality that you don’t need to remove it, and you’ll never forget to add it to your outfit each day. 

Plaid Scarves 

If you want to instantly upgrade your look, throw on a plaid scarf this Fall. Preppy is in for 2022, and a quick and affordable way to incorporate this trend is through a plaid scarf. Opt for neutrals like cream, beige, or navy in your scarf to keep it versatile enough to go with your base wardrobe. Plaid scarves will carry you through Winter, so investing in a high-quality cashmere or Merino is your best bet. 

Brown Leather Belt 

Whether wearing black chinos or a dark pair of denim, a brown leather belt can pull your look together and keep your pants sitting where you want them. You don’t do squat days for no reason, do you? Show off your hard work in the gym by keeping your pants in place with the right belt. It’s an old fashion myth that you can’t pair brown with black or gray, but a black leather belt can stand out too harshly with lots of colors. If your weight doesn’t fluctuate much, a high-end leather belt can be a “buy it for life” purchase, so don’t skimp on this accessory. 

Quality Phone Case 

Let’s face it – whether it annoys us or not, most of us are on our phones often. Whether in line at the bank or waiting on an oil change, we’re scrolling, commenting, or emailing. But, the phone case often goes unnoticed by many men, and you may even have the first case you put on when you got your new iPhone. Do yourself a favor and upgrade your aesthetic with a new Fall and winter case. 

Our accessories can make or break our look every day. Accessories also have the power to elevate even the most casual outfit. Investing in the above Fall accessories will make you go from zero to hero quickly! Now, watch the leaves change and get ready for the cuffing season!