6 Easy Style Tips for Students to Be Fashionable on a Budget

Looking good in college has many reasons. First of all, it helps you make the right impression on the people you meet. But, most importantly, it can boost your own mood and self-esteem every day. Due to these reasons, everyone wants to look great while in college. But how do you do this on a budget? 

Read on to find a few simple tips!

Accept That It Takes Time

This one isn’t exactly a style tip. Yet, you will never be able to polish your look without it. Before getting to planning and shopping for your perfect outfits, you have to accept that learning how to dress well will take time. For many students, it could mean having significantly less study time. Luckily, you can always get essay writing help from EssayHub to have more free time for this matter without neglecting your grades. Use this tip to make your style transformation as comfortable and stress-free as possible!

Set a Specific Budget

The next tip is also more about preparing for your transformation. Since you want to change the way you look and do this on a student budget, you need to plan your spending very accurately. 

Before you start shopping for any clothing or accessories, take some time to define your overall monthly balance. Then, define how much money you have to spend on the essentials. Also, deduct the sum you need to spend to buy term paper or hire a tutor and similar expenses crucial for your academic success.

In the end, identify how much money you have left to spend on your outfits. Knowing the exact budget will let you plan your shopping activities wiser.

Start With the Basics

If you want to rethink your style completely, you need to delegate your current assignments to a trusted essay writing service (because it will take a while) and start with the basics. In terms of your wardrobe, the term “basics” relates to the essential pieces that will make up the largest part of your looks.

According to Vogue, the wardrobe basics should include:

  • Classic jeans;
  • Button-up shirts;
  • Blazers;
  • T-shirts in basic colors (white, black, and gray);
  • Sweaters;
  • Trench or woolen coats;
  • Sneakers;
  • Loafers, etc.

You can adjust this list depending on your personal needs and preferences. But the key idea remains unchanged – you need to start with buying the most basic items and only then move on to details. So, first, allocate a part of your budget to these essentials.


Learn to Match

Once you have the basic wardrobe complete, you will want to add additional items to it. Before you do this, be sure to learn how to match different pieces with each other because this is actually the best tip for dressing well on a budget. By learning what matches with what, you will be able to avoid many mistakes and prevent yourself from buying items that don’t go well with the rest of your wardrobe. However, acquiring this skill takes some time.

Ideally, if you want to start matching clothes like a pro, you should read a couple of style books or take a relevant course. If you are too busy with studies, find a reliable service to pay for essay so that your academic performance remains top notch. Then use your free time to discover the key aspects of matching.

Spice Up Your Look With Accessories

Now, here is another ultimate tip – accessories are what can brighten up any, even the most basic outfit. Therefore, many style experts recommend people spend more on their accessories than on their clothing. To use this hint to your benefit, get on Pinterest or similar sources to find inspiration. Then, enlist the help of a trusted essay writer to keep your assignments handled on time and start shopping for the best accessories for your looks!

Hunt for Sales and Go Thrifting

Finally, the last tip is related specifically to saving money. As a student on a tight budget, you should continually hunt for sales and consider going thrifting to create your style without spending too much. These two simple tips will help you save a lot!

So these are the basic style tips that will help you create a perfect wardrobe on a student budget. Use these tips now to stun everyone with your looks!