6 Colours Men Should Wear This Autumn

Summer may have been somewhat sporadic this year and we may not have had ample opportunities to wear our short sleeve shirts and shorts but fashion waits for no man and the cycle of fashion is rushing headlong into Autumn.

Autumn offers us all the chance to wear a few more layers, giving us the ideal excuse to spend some of our hard earned cash on a whole new wardrobe as the nights draw in and the summers fade into the background like the sunshine disappearing over the horizon.

It’s also a time to think about what new colours we can add to wardrobe so without further ado, here are some of the key colours for the forthcoming Autumn…

colors 1


When we think of grey the word boring usually springs to mind but this season it is a must have for any gents wardrobe. Grey this season is far from boring and comes in a variety of tones; from light grey jersey sweaters to houndtooth check suit trousers in darker tones, 2015 is the year grey stopped being boring and actually added some panache to your wardrobe.

marled silk trousersisherwood shirtniels logo tee

barbour cardigansvirgin flannel trousermelange panel cap


Dependent on your skin tone and hair, red is not always the easiest of colours to wear but worn with the correct attire and it can look great. Leave the red trousers in store and stick to the top half of your wardrobe if you’re going to wear red. For the best look we suggest teaming up a red sweater, t-shirt or casual shirt with navy jeans or khaki coloured chinos for that Ivy League, JFK look.

red striped tee1950s crew shirtnano shell jacket

cruiser jacketcountdown jacketeastpak backpack

Forest Green

It is always good to have something a little different on your clothes rail and forest green is the perfect compliment to your every day navy’s, blacks and whites. Forest green is perfect because while it adds something different to the usual colour tones worn by men it is subtle in its differences rather than being all out crazy.

supima sweatshirtevelope teegreen silk

legacy relaxed trouserkirktown crewnecktimex watch


Ok, so technically it’s not a colour but head-to-toe black is very much part of the fashion zeitgeist. From designers to street style bloggers, black is very much back in vogue. From Chelsea boots to hiking boots, skinny jeans to tapered formal trousers, t-shirts to slim-fitting blazers, there is nothing sad about black this season.

river suit jacketsblack hood teetight long jeans

aron shetland trousercontrast side bootsfracap boots

Royal Blue

A pop of colour in the Autumn always helps to keep the winter at bay and nothing still says summer like Royal blue. It gives us a break from navy and looks great on all men so while the temperatures begin to plummet we can still cling on to the last vestiges of those few summer days we experienced this year.

down quilted jackethardy hopkinsblue overdyed tee

polo patch cottonhaerfest walletsaucony nights


We are not talking about the garish yellow you may associate with midnight ravers but the pastel tones and mustard yellows that bring to mind thoughts of falling autumn leaves. Men often tend to think yellow is slightly too daring to be part of their wardrobes but if you keep the shades or either side of the spectrum – pastel light or mustard dark – then there really should be no problem finding a place for this perfect autumn colour in your collection of clothing.

elka yellow jacketwarim crew sweattodd yellow tee

spencer yellow teehowlin crewyellow master piece

The colours we wear and the ways in which we wear them say a lot about our character and while it’s always good to stick to our guns, change, as they say, is as good as rest. With colours such as royal blue and tonal greys key for the new season, this Autumn offers us the ideal opportunity to add something new without having to make drastic changes to what we wear.