As follow up to our previous article on The legendary denim brand that is Levi’s and their celebration of 140 years of their signature 501 denim silhouette, we bring you the news of the 501 book.

The 501 style were devised as a shrink-to-fit pair of jeans. The 501s were sold in sizes that were an indication of the size they currently stood at, prior to the substantial shrinking that they would undergo.  140 years on the company still produce these unwashed, uniquely sized jeans that are undoubtedly the brands most popular style – still today.

To mark the iconic pieces of denim-wear Levis have released 501 copies of a special edition book to celebrate the iconic 501 jean.


The book is named Levi’s 501 Interpretations will feature shots gathered from the website , alongside images of many famous faces from the world of fashion and various other world wide industries such as actress Kate Bosworth and designer Olympia Le-Tan, photographed by Joe Manganiello.



The brand will release the limited edition book by keeping it truly exclusive and in turn making it a collectable piece by only running off 501 copies in homage to the name of the iconic denim silhouettes.

The book will be available to buy in Levi’s boutiques from August 5th of this year.

These collector’s editions will contain 501 special photographs and be available with 501 unique cover designs making each and every book different to one another.

The proceeds from sales of the book will be donated to students of California College of the Arts in San Francisco as part of the brand’s drive to promote innovation, production and sustainable development within the arts.