5 Wedding Anniversary Ideas To Surprise Her

5 Wedding Anniversary Ideas To Surprise Her

Congratulations on another year to mark a milestone in your marriage. Every year that you celebrate your wedding anniversary is a milestone in itself. Given that, today, not many marriages last forever, each year is always a reason to celebrate. You don’t have to wait until your golden anniversary to surprise her.

Once you’re married, this doesn’t mean that as the years go by, the love also fades. Communication and understanding are two very good ways to make your wife feel loved, so don’t shy away not just from talking about this, but also from showing it. Simple and grand ways alike, there are so many things you can do to surprise the love of your life.

Here are five wonderful wedding anniversary ideas that’ll surely wow your wife:

1. Light Candles And Dress Up For Dinner

If you’re celebrating your wedding anniversary now when restrictions are in place, then dine in!  Home can always be a very special place to be in, considering that it’s also what you focused to nurture on for your family all these years.

But, just because you’re dining from home, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make an effort. While your wife may be preparing or getting busy with the kids, take time to sneakily set up the table, have flowers from your favorite florist or the same wedding flower resource you had on your big day to recreate her bouquet, light candles, and even dress up.

You may still be in your dining table, or, perhaps, in your garden, but this effort to make the experience a lot more special truly counts. Plus, she’ll surely appreciate it that for once in that week, she doesn’t have to be the one cooking dinner, plus you’ve made that effort to have that fine-dining special, too.

2. Take A Walk Down Memory Lane

One of the challenges of couples who’ve been married for quite a long time now is in forgetting the love and how everything started in the first place.

So, if you feel like your marriage has been tested lately, on your anniversary, take a trip down memory lane. This can be as simple as planning an entire day to go back on where everything started. Your first date. Your first kiss. Your first movie. Whatever it is you used to do when you were dating.

This will come in as a surprise to have a day planned that way. When you go home, you might just be able to feel a better connection with each other.

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3. Learn Something New

There are also couples who take the time to learn something new—not individually, but together. This can be a good way to mark that milestone in your anniversary, when you remember, for instance, that on your 5th anniversary, you both took an art class. Surprisingly, now, one of you has really gotten to love art.

Learning something new is a nice gift to surprise each other with because it enables you to do something together. You’re both on equal footing as you both don’t know what to do yet. There’s that sense of fulfillment knowing that you’re able to discover new things about each other while learning a new skill.

4. Leave Hearts All Over The House

On the eve before your anniversary, once your wife is in bed, now it’s time for you to get working on the surprise!

First, you can start by cleaning the entire house thoroughly. Yes, this may take you an hour of two of exhaustion, but when she wakes up to clean house, with chores done, for a tired mom or wife, that’s already a big surprise in itself! Your loved one will truly appreciate it when, for one day, she doesn’t have the chores to worry about. 

After you’re done cleaning, you can then start with your surprise! Leave flowers or hearts all over the house. These can be anything from balloons, chocolates, meals, flowers—anything that you know will light up your wife. You can even go as far as sticking random sticky notes on mirrors or glass that have affirmations in hearts of why you’re so grateful to have her.

These little things will truly make your wife so extremely loved and appreciated.

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5. Plan A Surprise Getaway

If the time, money, and resources are there, then a surprise getaway is great, too!  You can choose to go on a trip, just the two of you. Or, you can bring the kids along, too. The surprise here is in the fact that a trip has been booked and well thought-of, without her having to do all the stressful planning.

You can wake her up on the day of your anniversary and tell her to pack up as you’re going on a holiday! Tip: If you’re going to bring the kids, make sure you’ve done the packing of their bags so she doesn’t get stressed about that on the last minute.


As you can see with the guide above, big and fancy trips or things aren’t the only way to make a woman feel loved and special. Even with the seemingly little things, you can always create that memorable impact. It’s the thought that counts, after all. What’s most important is you made that effort to make your wife feel special, even after all those years of being together. Every girl always loves to feel appreciated, one way or another.