5 Ways to Keep your Sneakers Looking Brand New

The best thing about buying a new pair of trainers is that out-of-the-box freshness. It is hard to keep your sneaks looking and feeling fresh whilst wearing them and showing them off. With the help of Crep Protect, we have put together 10 Ways to Keep your Sneakers Looking Brand New.

1 : Sneaker Trees
It is crucial to keep your sneaks in shape and keep the structure. The sneaker trees work to shape your sneakers to help with cleaning and reduces creasing. The soft velvet coating avoids any interior damage when inserting.

2: Keeping then good as new clean

It’s so hard to avoid the dirt and grim of the streets, but that’s no reason to allow your shoes to get dirty. The Crep Protect Travel Kit is the ultimate when it comes to a sneaker cleaning kit. Coming with a premium hog hair brush, the cleaning solution, tray and microfiber cloth, giving you a total cleaning solution for your kicks.

3: Eliminate the odour

Theres no denying that your shoes can suffer the fate of a bad smell, however there are many ways to reduce the odour and keep your sneaks smelling fresh and breezy. With the Crep Protect Pill, it absorbs moisture and actively removes bad smells, replacing them with a fresh fragrance. All you have to do is twist the capsule open and place inside your trainers.

4: On the Go Upkeep

No one can predict the weather, and it’s hard to avoid those nasty puddles or dusty streets. But with the on the go maintainance provided by these handy wipes, we are sure to stay 24/7 fresh. These travel size wipes are perfect for those unexpected marks when you’re on the move. Smooth side for general cleaning and textured side for tougher marks. Cotton fresh scented and individually sealed for freshness.

5: Keep it Protected

The FIRST and most important steps of any shoe care, is adding a protected layer to stop any liquid / staining from the outside elements. The super-hydrophobic spray creates an invisible coating which repels liquids and prevents stains. Crep Protect is easy to apply and quick drying. Apply 2 coats.

Now you have the ultimate shoe survival kit, you can purchase all of these pieces in one go with the Crep Protect Tube Kit. Save with the new bundle pack offering. You get the essential sneaker care range in an easy to store tube – guaranteeing you always have the tools you need to keep your sneakers clean and fresh.