5 ways to celebrate the Super Bowl in style

When the Super Bowl lands, most of us can’t wait to shout out “Touchdown!” with our friends and family. But apart from watching the Super Bowl, how else can you make the party a real celebration?

In this article, we’ll introduce you to five of the best ways to celebrate so you can plan to have a great time, no matter what the Super Bowl odds for your team say! Let’s go!

Get some Super Bowl decorations

There are so many ways to decorate your home for the Super Bowl. Why not make your table look like a football field, with a green cloth and white tape? Or use balloons and banners in your team’s colors. If you have young children, you can get them involved in making banners for their favorite players. Here are some ways to decorate:

  • Make a balloon arch around your television or doorway.
  • Put streamers in an archway or over your door.
  • Hang a banner above the food table.
  • Have an ice bucket for drinks, painted in the teams’ colors.
  • Use artificial turf as coasters or mats.
  • Create some pompoms in the team colors.

Create a Super Bowl bar

If you’re having guests, creating a bar is a great idea. You can have fun creating your own themed drinks too. Maybe make drinks according to the jersey color of your favorite team – red cocktails or red-colored soft drinks, for example.

Another idea is to serve drinks that are the favorite drinks of the states the teams come from. 

If you want to serve all sorts of drinks, buy some cocktail decorations in your team colors, then everyone can join in the fun, young and old alike.

Host a Super Bowl quiz

Whenever there’s downtime in the Super Bowl, have a set of quiz questions handy to see who knows the most about the NFL. 

Split your guests into teams and keep track of how many points each one gets right. As long as you have a fun prize at the end, most people will enjoy this sort of activity.

Here are some ideas for your questions:

  • How many times have the teams been in a Super Bowl?
  • What are the mascots?
  • Who is the most highly paid player on the pitch?
  • Which team has won the Super Bowl most often?
  • How many football teams have never been to Super Bowl?
  • How many chicken wings are eaten during Super Bowl? (Note: it’s 1.3 billion!)

Create a Super Bowl photo booth

If you have all the decorations and you’ve got the drinks flowing, people will love to get involved in a photo booth opportunity. After all, it’s the memories these events create that make them even better. Have a station with football-themed graphics, fun glasses and crazy hats. If you have a ring light, a tripod and a backdrop, you can make the photos even more professional looking. 

Encourage people to come in their best party outfits for even better photos!

Get some swag bags for your guests

Even if you’re just having a party with adults, who doesn’t love a bag of swag to take home? You can fill your swag bags with Super Bowl-themed gag gifts and snacks. It’s pretty easy to source paper bags in team colors, for example. Here are some ideas for party favors you could put in:

  • Cookies that are iced like footballs.
  • Cupcakes iced like football pitches.
  • Foam or toy footballs.
  • Football lanyard.
  • A plastic whistle.
  • A colored snap bracelet.
  • Colored or flavored popcorn.
  • Candy in team colors.
  • Stickers that are football-themed.

You can cater your swag bags to the age and tastes of the people you’re giving them to.

Final thoughts 

What was once just a championship game has evolved into a huge cultural phenomenon across the United States. Nowadays, more and more people come together to celebrate the Super Bowl each year, and according to Sports Media Watch, over 100 million viewers tune in each year.

Recently, however, numbers have dipped slightly. In 2022, for example, when the Cincinnati Bengals met the Los Angeles Rams, there were 99.18 million viewers. This is down from the most watched Super Bowl ever, which was in 2015 when the New England Patriots defeated the Seattle Seahawks. Perhaps your Super Bowl celebration can help get those numbers back up where they belong!