5 Things To Do With Your Partner This Summer

Winter is finally over, so it’s time to log out of Netflix, dig out your summer wardrobe and bring yourself – and your relationship – out of hibernation. Whether you’re in the early stages of dating or have been together a while, trying new things and having fun together on a regular basis is important for a good relationship. Here are some surprisingly fun and easy ways to enjoy more time as a couple this summer.

Take a Class

Sharing a hobby is a great way to try something new whilst getting in regular, quality couple time. If your partner attends a weekly yoga class, why not join them and see what it’s all about? Alternatively, sign up to something new together – like salsa lessons or swing dancing – and enjoy each other’s company in a completely different environment.

Cook Together

If there’s one room in the house that was made for experimenting, it’s the kitchen, and cooking together puts a fun twist on an everyday chore. Sites like blueapron.com provide interactive recipes and fresh, pre-measured ingredients delivered to your door, so pick one of their seasonal dishes and really make a meal of it.

Do Some DIY

Rather than letting everyday errands and odd jobs get in the way of couple time, why not do them together? Paint that room that you’ve been putting off, or get to work in the garden. Summer is also a great time for fixing up your car, especially if you’re both novices. Whether that’s changing the oil, replacing the windscreen wipers, or simply cleaning the vehicle, it’s possible to order parts and products online and have them delivered to your door from sites like Mister Auto. By doing this, you can save some time and money and have some fun getting your hands dirty.

Create Something

Nothing says teamwork like a joint venture, and a hands-on project can really boost your partnership. Get in touch with your creative side with some arts and crafts, be it painting together, making a scrapbook or revamping an old piece of furniture. As well as having a lot of fun in the process, the end product will always remind you of how well you work together.


Volunteering as a pair is perhaps one of the most rewarding ways to spend time together, and can be done as a one-off activity or on a more regular basis. From working with animals, doing something for the environment or helping the elderly, there are plenty of local causes to which you can dedicate your time. Search online for nearby projects or enquire directly at non-profit organizations, and spend time as a couple giving something back.