5 Summer Trends You Need To Know

With summer swiftly approaching and our winter attire firmly ensconced within the confines of our wardrobe, now is the perfect time to start selecting what it is you require as the mercury steadily rises.

Of course, we gentlemen move somewhat slower than our female counterparts when it comes to moving with the trends. We also generally know what it is we need for summer but aside from the staples – a white linen shirt, tailored shorts and a good pair of leather loafers – this season once again offers us a chance to break from the norm and bask under the glow of some great summer trends.

So as you dream about long summer days with a cold beer in your hand, here’s a few forthcoming trends for you to cast your mind over …


summer 1

Does the floral print ever really go away? Maybe not but this season, once again, florals are at the forefront of many high-street and high-end trends. From Dries Van Noten to River Island the fashion world is once again agog with floral prints on shirts, shorts and even our shoes.

So make sure you don’t miss the boat this summer and get yourself involved in the floral action. Be careful though, too much floral in one outfit and you’ll look like you’ve just been dressed by your local florist; we suggest a floral shirt with a pair of navy or camel colour chinos or a pair of floral shorts teamed with a plain t-shirt or short sleeve shirt.

floral jumpersholloway shirtsdries tee

hentsch manmens wood shirtslip on trainers

Graphic Prints

summer 2

There is something about the sunshine that helps us to reinvigorate our wardrobe and perhaps be a little more daring in the clothes we wear. Graphic prints are in high demand this season, particularly when it comes to our choices of sweaters and t-shirts, and you can be sure the colours will be just as vibrant as the designs themselves.

In the same vain as our floral friends, the graphic print is something of a statement piece so ensure the rest of your outfit is toned down in order to compliment the look.

jacobs cotton teepauls cotton teeskull jersey tee

heather grey logochildish whitehester tee


summer 3

Here at MFM we’d be the first to admit that orange is not the easiest of colours to wear – especially for us pasty English gents who only get to see the sun in fleeting moments of summer. This season, however, may just be the year to break with tradition and venture into a world more often associated with the Dutch football team as the colour is most certainly having a moment in the spotlight.

If you do decide to venture out of your comfort zone and into this vibrant colour, we suggest you opt for a more toned downed orange or maybe an item that has a splash of white or black to break up the brightest of your chosen outfit.

levis clothingnorse pocket teedan ward tee

atlantic shortsorange woven beltsneon sequence

Urban Sport

summer 4

From jersey sweaters produced by the likes of high-end brands such as Givenchy and A.P.C to neo-prene cut t-shirts and oversized basketball shorts, the trend for a sport-led look is as prominent as ever this summer; you know a particular look is having a moment when the likes of Mr. Porter, Topman and H&M are producing their own sportwear lines.

Not all of us are fortunate enough to possess that six-pack look however so be wary as to how far you venture down this trends path. If you do not happen to be 6ft 4 and possess the stomach lines of Ronaldo, stick to the jersey shorts or a boxy, oversized sweater.

off white sleevedashley shirtsmargiela tee

panelled shortspottery trainersadilette slider


summer 5

Calling denim a trend may seem a little odd but step beyond the parameters of your jeans (not literally mind) and you will soon see a whole other world of denim open up before you. From denim shirts to skinny denim shorts through to barrel bags and lightweight denim jackets, this season is awash with denim in all manner of shapes, cuts and washes.

And if you really want to be on trend this season, team up a pair of dark selvedge denim jeans with a floral shirt and a bleached denim jacket…check out the Parisian label Sandro and their SS15 lookbook for some inspiration.

organic contrastjulius overshirtisherwood shirts

norse shortschambray shirtsclassic caps

Trends are always a trick world to navigate, one more they’re everywhere, the next you begin to wonder if they ever existed. Due to the speed with which trends move be sure to pick your summer wardrobe carefully – do not be drawn in like a moth to the flame, take some time to assess what it is you really need and how you can incorporate the forthcoming trends into your current wardrobe.

That isn’t to say now is the not the time to delve into a world of orange or floral but just remember, nothing is bad for you in moderation.