5 Summer Accessories for All Men

Summer is an excellent time to switch up your men’s style. Soft t-shirts and chinos are traditional summertime essentials you’ll need for your closet, but you should also pick up some accessories to finish your fresh look. The items on this list are subtle yet stylish enough to elevate any man’s summer wardrobe. Include them in your rotation, and you’ll be looking clean and classic all season long.

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  1. Versatile Summer Watch 

Summer watches are usually made of lightweight or water-resistant materials. They also tend to be lighter in color than most men’s fall and winter watches. Swapping out a black leather piece or an intricate design can help move you into warmer weather. 

If you’re shopping for a new timepiece to wear to work, a stainless steel watch with a brown leather strap is polished enough for the meeting room. While it looks professional, it’ll also match all your summer neutrals. You can even wear such a dynamic watch while you travel. 

If you’re into outdoor adventures, get a fitness watch made of silicone and stainless steel. Details like reinforced glass will keep it from breaking while you’re out for a run or carrying your camping supplies. Some models come with GPS navigation to help guide you on your journey, while several sport modes for workouts will keep you fit and challenged. 

Need more inspiration? Other popular choices in summer watches include designs with woven straps and timepieces with minimalist faces and mesh bands. With the right watch, you can accent a polo or a modal t-shirt without looking too loud or clunky. If you’re looking for a way to enhance your classic and understated style sense, a quality seasonal watch is just the right combination of fashion and functionality. 

  1. Braided or Woven Belt  

Woven and braided belts give off a more casual feel for men’s summer style. Versatile and timeless, you can find everything from thick, hand-braided belts to loom-braided belts for your shorts and pants. If you’re shopping for a rugged style for your outdoor adventures, the best accessories are usually made of leather and finished with a metal buckle. 

You’ll find bigger braided belts in classic summertime colors like brown and tan, but a thicker black braid still looks laid-back enough for warmer weather. You can wear this style to work or even headed out to dinner. For an alternative to leather, try faux leather.. 

Since it’s summer, you can also go with a cotton blend. Linen woven belts are lightweight yet sophisticated, while acrylic belts can be perfect for traveling. Colors like khaki and white are popular, but guys also look great in olive green or rust red. Show off your chinos or khaki shorts with braided belts in trend-forward summer colors like blue and orange. 

Some woven belts are multicolored, which makes them fun for a party or vacation. No matter what look you choose, woven and braided belts are easily adjustable, which will help you to stay comfortable no matter what you’re doing. They’ll also feel lightweight, whether you’re wearing crisp white shorts or a classic pair of jeans. 

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  1. Stylish, Lightweight Hat  

Hats are a classic summer accessory. The best styles make it easy to protect your head and face from the sun while still elevating your signature look. If you’re looking for somewhere to start, the bucket hat is one of the most trendsetting fashions this season. These hats come in many different materials and with features for every occasion, including adjustable drawstrings for breezy weather and sophisticated colors like black and camel. 

The baseball cap is still the perfect addition to a white crew neck shirt or a grey v-neck tee. Light colors and washed styles give a casual feel that matches perfectly with neutral tees. There are many options, including the traditional snapback and the unstructured “dad cap.” Look stylish in a panel hat or a trucker cap. Fitted caps are still as popular as ever, with lighter fabrics making them more comfortable in summer weather. 

When you’re shopping for something for a beach vacation or a dinner date, try the Panama hat. The woven straw look goes great with crisp white collared shirts and lightweight blazers. You can also wear them with a light blue or sage green t-shirt and a pair of white or khaki pants. Off-white and tan Panama hats are among the most popular choices, but you can also find them in classic hues like brown and black. 

If you’re looking for something a little different, try a wide-brimmed fedora or a pork pie hat in a seasonal summer color. While neutrals are an obvious choice, you can also find them in shades like grey or burgundy. Fisherman caps are an excellent accessory for a nautical feel, while western hats are always rugged and adventurous enough for a summer journey. 

  1. Polarized, Trend-Forward Sunglasses  

Like the men’s summer hat, polarized sunglasses are essential to your seasonal style. The best lenses will keep your vision crisp and clear while cutting down on glare. They’ll also come with stylish frames that can help to complete your summer outfits. 

If you’re looking for polarized sunglasses this season, you can go with a traditional look or a trendsetting style. Aviators are classic frames that enhance almost any man’s face shape. Square-shaped sunglasses with black frames are sure to give off a beach vibe. 

Lightweight, clear frames are popular for summer, while dramatic and masculine D-frames in black or grey will go with everything from white tees to denim collared shirts. Round-shaped tortoiseshell glasses are ideal for business casual outfits and sunset dinners. Double-bridged glasses will make you stand out while giving you the perfect amount of UV protection. 

Oversized glasses are popular, which means you’ll find them in every frame shape. If you want a unique look that is both relaxed and trend-forward, try vintage-style sunglasses in retro colors like orange or yellow. Bold colors like cobalt blue and red will match the season’s most fashionable tees and jackets. Take them with you on the weekend or while you’re on vacation.  

  1. Comfortable, Seasonal Footwear 

In the summer, the style of your footwear should match the look of your clothing. Lightweight colors and materials will complement your shirts and pants while keeping your feet cool. Feel like you’re on island time with a slip-on style. Whether you’re hanging out by the beach or at home, canvas slip-on sneakers go with all styles of casual pants and shorts. If you’re wearing joggers or khakis, these shoes are comfortable and versatile enough for nearly any outfit.

For more choices in slip-on footwear, try woven shoes or leather loafers. Boat shoes are casual footwear that add a nautical feel to your wardrobe. They come in every summer color from navy to brown. 

Canvas sneakers match well with shorts and denim pants. If you like the look of athletic shoes, you can even find high-top sneakers in breathable material. Espadrilles are still a popular men’s style, especially because they’re airy and many fabrics are sustainable. 

More clogs are being made for men, which means you can find this convenient style of footwear for everything from hanging around the house to tropical vacations. Just because it’s summertime doesn’t mean you can’t find something more formal. Driver shoes will complement everything from chinos to dress pants. 

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Feel Fresh and Stylish This Summer 

When you have the right summer accessories for your closet, you’ll feel fresh and polished no matter where you go. Lightweight watches and footwear are perfect additions to your vacation packing list. You’re also sure to need sunglasses and a relaxed hat for your leisure time this summer. Since these items are perfect for all men, you can easily work them into your wardrobe as soon as the weather gets warm. While  enjoying the weather, you may also find yourself with a new sense of confidence.