5 Suitcase Essentials For Staying Stylish On Your Summer Holiday

Summer is here at last and the countdown for your holiday abroad is getting closer and closer to single digits.

Yup, it’s time to get all the final organisation done and dusted, and getting your suitcase sorted is the perfect place to start.

Now, we’re not going to take all the fun out of it and tell you exactly what clothes to pack – we’re confident you’ve got the personal style to come up with a fashion-forward capsule wardrobe for yourself.

But we are going to save you from suffering the dreaded last-minute “what have I forgotten?” panic by reminding you of five suitcase essentials you’ll definitely need, no matter where you’re going or what you’re planning to wear this summer.

So before you jet off on your exotic adventure in the sun, make sure you’ve got all of the following items safely tucked away in your hold luggage…

#1: Modern and Chic Sunglasses

If you remember to pack only one thing for your holiday, it’s got to be a modern and chic pair of sunglasses. As well as shielding your sensitive, hungover eyes from the blazing sun, they’ll also instantly add a fashionable edge to any ensemble.

Ray-Bans may feel like a bit of a cliché choice but they really can’t be beaten on style or quality. The Clubround option is a highlight of the brand’s latest collection which somehow manages to flatter all face shapes.


#2: Versatile Footwear

With a strict baggage weight limit to adhere to, you can’t afford to bring your entire footwear collection with you. To stay stylish and comfortable throughout your holiday, you need to find the perfect pair of versatile shoes.

Classic white trainers – we like these simple lace-up Authentic Vans – are the way to go. They’ll work for every occasion, from heading to the beach to hitting a local nightclub.

#3: A Delicious Summer Fragrance

As you enjoy a hot day of sightseeing or a clammy evening out on the town, the last thing you want to be worrying about is whether your deodorant is fulfilling its duty to keep you fresh.

Take advantage of online sales on aftershave gift sets at Fragrance Direct and find yourself a long-lasting, delicious new signature scent for your holiday. We recommend Calvin Klein Euphoria for a good transitional day-to-night option.

new fragrance for men

#4: A Stylish Summer Hat

When it comes to dressing to survive a swelteringly hot climate, you’ve got to think practically. Luckily, with caps finally becoming cool again (Vogue featured them in their top 20 menswear trends for SS17, after all) that doesn’t mean you have to throw style out the window too.

If classic caps are a tad too sporty looking for your liking, don’t worry. From trilbies to fedoras, there are plenty of other types of fashionable summer hats to pick from.

#5: Don’t Forget The Suitcase Itself

Last but not least, you need a sleek and modern suitcase for hitting the airport and surviving the dreaded check-in queues in style.

You can order one online but it’s hard to judge size or appearance, so we recommend going to Matalan – they’ve usually got lots of different high-quality options at a variety of prices. Stick to one colour and simple shapes for a fashionable look.