5 Subtle Ways To Wear Colour This Winter

As the days get colder and the mornings get darker, the general style amongst most men becomes very monochromatic.

In summer, we embrace colour and print, but as winter arrives we seem to quickly neglect the power of colour, instead opting to play it safe.

But colour should be embraced in the colder seasons, it signals a sign of confidence. A bright red overcoat might not be on the agenda, but wearing colour in a subtle way this winter is highly recommended.

So how do you inject colour this winter? Without overdoing it?


1. Layering Colours

The obvious choice is to layer. Layering is hugely important as the days get colder, and layering gives you the chance to inject colour in a subtle way.

Your overcoat may be Charcoal Grey, your jeans might be Dark Denim, but wearing a coloured sweatshirt underneath will inject colour without overdoing it.

layering colour

It’s really up to you how brave you want to become. Layering a colourful or print shirt underneath a sweatshirt and overcoat will show a subtle pop of colour through the collar, but layering a colourful or print jacket underneath your overcoat will instead create more of a statement.

The choice is yours, but using layering to inject colour this winter is highly recommended.

2. Choosing The Right Socks

Socks are far more important than you might think and using socks to showcase colour this winter is a simple solution.

Now I’m not talking about those unwanted grey socks you get given at Christmas, I’m talking about using high quality, luxury socks that boast a funky design.

Pull up some colourful socks and turn up your jeans/trousers slightly to show a pop of colour. This shows confidence, it shows style but it’s also still a very subtle way to wear colour this winter.

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3. Subtle Detailing

Another way to inject colour this winter is through subtle detailing on the clothing you wear. Whether it’s a colourful pocket, a print patch or a subtle print design on the collar or cuff… men’s style is all about paying attention to the finer details.

Again, we’re not investing in and trying to wear a statement Red Overcoat in winter, all we’re doing is wearing clothing with a more neutral colour that has some form of colourful detailing on it.

Here’s an example…

subtle colour details

Pay attention to the finer details, it showcases your confidence around how you dress.

4. Other Accessories

Aside from socks, what other accessories can you wear this winter to inject some colour?

From colourful or print scarves to colourful headwear, accessories are a great way to add a subtle touch of colour to any outfit. Accessories are all about expression, adding individual touches to an outfit when needed.

accessories colour

But don’t overdo it with the accessories. Avoid matching a Baby Blue beanie hat with a Red Scarf, Green Socks and Orange tie. Keep it simple, keep it subtle.

5. That Statement Piece

Last but not least, don’t be afraid of wearing colour as a statement. Yes, it’s brave, but there’s still a way to do it if you’re looking to inject colour in a subtle way.

Pair that colourful statement piece with more neutral colours. A green overcoat will make a statement, but when worn with Charcoal Grey trousers and a Grey Sweatshirt it’s going to neutralise the overall colour. If you instead paired a statement piece with more colour, it’s a recipe for disaster if you don’t pull it off.

statement colour

So don’t be afraid to rock a statement piece, but this winter, tone it down with the clothing you pair it with.

There we have it, 5 ways to wear colour this winter.

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Share in the comments below how you inject colour in winter and don’t forget to share this post with someone if you think they’ll enjoy it…