5 Style Purchases I Made This Month

In today’s article, I’m going to be doing something that I haven’t done before. I’m going to share with you some recent clothing purchases I made in the past month, alongside the reasons why I bought them.

I’ve seen people do this on YouTube before so I wanted to do my own version, and as always, there’s a video to accompany this article that demonstrates 5 style purchases I made this month in more detail:

Can’t watch? Below is a transcription of the video.

1. Hammond & Co Brogue Boots

I’ve been looking for a Brogue boot for a while and I picked these up the other day. Now the reason why I wanted something like this is because I tend to find myself wearing trainers too often.

I’ve got a really nice pair of dark brown, Loake Chelsea boots as well that I wear a lot in the autumn and fall season and these boots are a really nice alternative to it.

As you can see, light brown with a brogue detailing, they’re very comfortable to wear and these are from Hammond & Co.

I bought them from eBay and I think I got them for less than £50.

The reason why I went for eBay is because someone said to me the other day, when you’re looking for a good pair of dress shoes you need to guarantee quality. You want shoes from a good shoemaking brand, and with that comes a price.

So sometimes going on eBay, finding a pair of shoes from a good shoemaking brand that maybe have been worn a couple of times are better than going to a generic store and spending a few hundred pounds on a pair of badly made dress shoes.

2. Chester Barrie 2-Ply Cotton Shirt

It looks like a pretty standard shirt, but the reason why I like it is because it really does bridge that gap between formal and casual. I tend to always wear shirts with a button down collar, but this one’s got a really nice cutaway collar so it can easily be worn with a tie, but it can also be worn without.

The material is really nice as well. It’s a two-ply cotton, which makes it very comfortable to wear and also very casual. This one I picked up from Chester Barrie in Savile Row.

Now I haven’t got this shirt altered yet because it fits quite well off the rack, but I might have a few adjustments made later on down the line.

3. Chester Barrie Wool Trousers

These wool trousers are from Chester Barrie as well and I got these on a really good discount. I actually got them for £30.

These are flannel trousers, something I’ve wanted for a while because again they bridge the gap between wearing jeans to wearing formal suit trousers.

Now when I bought these, these actually came unfinished so I got them tapered and also went for a 1 and 1/2 inch turn up.

They’re really comfortable to wear so I could wear them daily but they’re also very formal so if I’ve got to dress up for any occasion, I can literally put these on as well.

4. Mango Man Navy Hoody

This is something that I picked up when I was on a recent family trip away. It’s from Mango Man and believe it or not, you would’ve never heard me say that I’ve bought a hoodie, let alone put it on a YouTube video a few months ago.

Now I’ve been wearing this quite often and the reason why I wanted to share this with you as one of my favourite purchases over the last month is because my lifestyle doesn’t force for me to dress up. I work from home the majority of the time.

I’ll tend to go to the gym, shower at the gym, get ready in the gym and then crack on with some work so I don’t have to always wear a suit.

I’m very much about comfort. This navy hoody is something I can throw on. I can pair it with some jeans or some chinos, I can dress it up, dress it down.

The main thing about this is the material. It wasn’t expensive, but it also was slightly more than you’d normally pay for a hoody. It’s a really nice cotton, it feels great, it’s very lightweight, and this is something that I’ve been wearing a lot of recently.

5. Richard James Wool Blazer

This is from Richard James Mayfair and again, I haven’t altered this jacket at all and the reason why I haven’t had this tailored is because I want it to be quite a casual fit. You can see that it fits very well off the rack. It’s made from 100% wool.

It’s a very well made blazer and again, this is something that I wanted to buy for casual outfits (jeans and boots) alongside more formal outfits (shirt and tie). I can layer it with a T-shirt, with a shirt or a button down shirt, a polo shirt, whatever it is, it’s an item that I can throw on with the majority of outfits and it’s going to add formality.


I picked this one up on discount as well, costing just £110 for the jacket. 100%, woven in Italy… that price is a steal.

A very versatile, timeless item that I’m going to wear for years and years to come.

wool blazer

What’s Your Favourite?

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What’s your favourite item out of those five?

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