5 Simple Ideas to Upgrade Your Style as a Male College Student

There is a general misconception that style, fashion, and nice outfits only worry girls. If you remove the bias, it’s clear that everyone, regardless of sex, wants to look great. And this is especially true in college.

Enrolling in college is the beginning of adult life for every student. It is a time of new experiences, memories, and connections. Of course, in order to make the right impression in the new community, every student (even male) wants to have a stylish look. The primary issue, though, is that not everyone knows where to start.

If you are also a male college student looking to upgrade your style, you were lucky to land on this page. The transformation will take time, so be sure to have a trusted paper writing service to write my essays for me whenever such a need arises to keep your grades and performance high. In the meantime, keep reading for the best and easiest ideas for upgrading your style!

  1. Try Polo

For most male students, t-shirts make up the largest part of their wardrobes in college. Indeed, what could be easier and faster than throwing on a t-shirt whenever you need to go somewhere? While this might be true, there is a much better alternative. According to style experts, polos always look more stylish than t-shirts. Their collared necks and closer fit make such shirts look dressier. Besides, the fabric of polo shirts is often natural and, thus, cooler than most t-shirts.

  1. Get Rid of Sweatshirts

Just like t-shirts, sweatshirts are often an irreplaceable piece in every male student’s wardrobe. Sweatshirts are so comfy and cozy that it can be easy to wear them nearly every day. But you should never forget what they are meant for initially–this is a type of sportswear that shouldn’t be worn beyond your sports training or games. 

When you wear sweatshirts on a daily basis, it looks like you are just about to head to the track. To remove this feeling, get rid of sweatshirts and replace them with sweaters. There are plenty of styles you can pick. But whatever you pick, a sweater will always make you look more dressed and stylish than a sweatshirt.

  1. Diversify Your Jeans Styles

Today, jeans are one of the most crucial elements in our wardrobes. Most of us wear them every single day, and while girls often love to play with different styles, most males prefer to pick one style they find comfy and stick to it all the time. Needless to say, this makes your style look rather boring. 

Thus, the next tip is to diversify your jeans collection. So here’s what you should do–go to an unbiased Do My Essay review to find a trusted academic helper and delegate your current assignments. Then use your free time to go shopping. Be open to different styles. Try on as many different jeans as possible, and be sure to purchase different options.

Pro tip: Low-rise and skinny jeans are still trending, so you can have them in your wardrobe. However, when you are in college, you are transitioning into manhood and might want to opt for more masculine and classy style pieces.

  1. Change Your Shoes

What are the most popular shoe types among male students? Sadly, these include only sneakers, running shoes, and flip-flops. Each of these styles is okay and can be worn from time to time. But if you are wearing something like this every day, you have to change your style to look dressier! 

There are plenty of nice-looking and comfortable shoe styles you can try. These include moccasins, casual leather shoes, bucks, chukkas, etc. In fact, even sneakers can look stylish unless they are the same pair you wear to the track. So if you are a huge fan of sneakers, just shop for not-so-sporty but more casual models.

  1. Invest in Accessories

According to all fashion experts, accessories are the most important part of every outfit. Accessories draw attention, highlight your unique personality, and convey unspoken cues. Even the most basic and not eye-catching outfit can look stunning if you spice it up with the right accessories. 

So the last tip for male students looking to upgrade their styles is to invest in accessories. However, keep in mind that bags, belts, ties, jewelry, and other small pieces should be selected with care and attention. Thus, it’s always helpful to look for some inspiration before you go shopping. For example, look for stylish male outfits on Pinterest.


So these are the key tips to help male college students look stylish every day. Use these simple tricks to upgrade your style and stand out from the crowd wherever you go!