5 Signs You May Need Prescription Glasses

Have you managed to go your whole life up until this point without needing prescription glasses? If so, you can consider yourself lucky, as it is estimated that up to 164 million adult Americans require prescription glasses. Your odds of needing them also increase as you age, so even if you started with the perfect vision it doesn’t mean your eyes will stay that way. But how do you know they have changed enough that glasses may be necessary? 

Different Choices of Eyeglasses

There are some common signs to watch for that should act as a red flag. If you have any of these, it’s probably a good idea to schedule an appointment with an eye doctor for an exam.

Things Appear Fuzzy or Blurred

One of the most obvious red flags is a vision change. It may be that things don’t look as sharp as they once were, and objects appear fuzzy or blurred. It doesn’t have to be pronounced, it may start relatively minor. You may even find yourself squinting to try to correct the blurriness you’re experiencing.

This vision change can be with objects that are far away, close, or both.

You Have Eyestrain

Eyestrain is something a lot of people complain of and it may not always mean you need glasses. It is a symptom worth monitoring though and if it doesn’t improve you should speak with your doctor.

You’re Getting Headaches Regularly

If you aren’t the type that gets frequent headaches and you start getting them regularly, it could be that you need glasses. The headache may be dull or more pronounced and typically feels like it is behind your eyes.

Don’t Take Chances with Double Vision

Double vision can be a scary thing to experience and a symptom you don’t want to ignore. You’ll want to immediately book an appointment with an eye doctor so you can have your eyes tested.

Night Driving Becomes Difficult

Some people don’t notice a lot of changes during the day but if night driving becomes difficult and you have a hard time seeing, at the very least you may benefit from wearing glasses while driving. Glasses do a great job at cutting down on glare and sharpening images, which is very useful in low light conditions.

What Glasses Should You Pick?

Now that you’ve been given a prescription and you need to find a pair of glasses, you may find yourself overwhelmed at the number of options out there. It makes it very hard to know which ones you should pick. Experts tend to recommend that you find glasses that match your face’s shape, as these will not only fit you best but also look the most complimentary on you. 

You will also need to take into consideration the strength of your prescription, as the stronger it is – the thicker the lenses will be. You can get lenses thinned, which will cost more, but it can at least make it possible to wear thin frames if you prefer.

It’s Not Unusual for Your Eyes to Change

The thing to remember is that it’s not unusual it’s very normal for your eyes to change as you age. Being aware of red flags and acting when they pop up will be key.