5 Must Have Gadgets for Working from Home

It is a struggle to find motivation and inspiration when out of the office environment. Thanks to Juice.co.uk, we have sourced our favourite tech gadgets that are proven to help you get in the zone and to help boost your Work From Home environment.

1- Portable Speaker

No one wants to work in silence, and it can be a real distraction playing music from your device / laptop, use the Juice Portable Speaker to place in the corner of the room for a chill and focussed environment.

2- Wireless Charger

It is key to create a decluttered and stress free work environment. One of the biggest causes of clutter comes from the countless wires across the desk, whether it is from chargers or device ports. Thanks to the Juice Wireless Charging Pad this can be eradicated whilst providing a sleek and modern desk placement.

3- Power Bank

If you dont have access to a charger, or get caught out of office in a panic- Juice has you sorted with their Portable Power Banks. This is an essential for any modern man that is on the go. It ensures you never have to worry about a flat battery or a dead phone.

4- Double Port Power

In our home environment, we do not have the privelege of all the power outlets and devices we have access to in the work place. We have a quick and no hassle solution with a Super Juice, 2 port mains adapter with power delivery. This allows you to plug in two devices at one time whilst ensuring boosted power and a super charge for any device.

5- Desktop or Laptop

Whether you have access to a desktop or laptop, you should ensure you have an available source of work that you are comfortable with. It is also key to create a clean and organised work set up, whether at a desk or a table. It also comes in handy to plug in all your tech accessories!

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