5 Minor Details To Enhance Your Style

Fashion is all about expressing yourself. The clothes we choose to wear, how we choose to wear them, all say something about us. Also, our expression comes through with these choices. Something I wear would be very different to something you wear – we all want to be different and our clothes show that difference, that individuality. But what about style?

You know all about our love for style and our feelings towards making even the most mundane outfit stylish. With five little details a seemingly plain, tiresome look could enhance your own style, whilst keeping that individual expression.

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The common misconception when thinking about ways to enhance your style is to overthink, overcomplicate. In fact, enhancing your style is fun and, most importantly, easy. The five ways below are minor, subtle ways to bring a new flare to what you wear every day, bringing with it your own personal touch in a stylistic bracket.

1. Accessories

Adding a belt to your outfit or a watch makes the look that bit more diverse – it stops you becoming generic. Accessories enhance style because they put your own signature on the outfit.  It can often be difficult to comprehend the amount of accessories us gents have at our disposal, but with the influx of new styles and trends menswear seems to be at its most stylish during the current seasons. For example blazers are a timeless essential so why not enhance your already dapper look by adding a lapel pin or pocket square. This dapper style is huge right now and will be forever timeless so you can be certain of finding many different and interesting simple additions to life to any of your daily looks.

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It could be argued that a watch is ‘too generic’ simply because others are wearing them but there are many types of watches, just like there are many types of belts. The one you choose and decide to wear will be different from what someone else will wear and it’s your choice that holds that signature that says it belongs to your style.

birdseye beanie351 series wristwatchmerino gloves

moustache lapel pinleather beltclassic leather briefcase

2. Patterns & Print

Patterns are fun and original and they’re also very stylish nowadays. Patterns can be as loud as you want them to be but they can also be very quiet and subtle. Adding patterns to something mundane like a tie can really change the way the entire outfit looks. You can wear a completely plain suit – plain, meaning, one colour – but add a floral tie or a tie with a graphic print on it and you will bring a new dynamic to the suit.

You tell people that you value every part of what you’re wearing, that everything was carefully selected. Patterns can be a mere statement – as is the example with the tie – or it can be the complete focus of what you’re wearing. If you decide to wear custom socks featuring a bold pattern, personalized text, or logo, you’re centering the attention on this. It, of course, comes down to choice.

skier silk tienavy aztec jumperpolka doted socks

blixem printed teekiton check shirtchunky wool sweater

3. Colour

It would seem that a stereotypical idea of winter style is simple, dull and monochromatic looks, this may be right to a certain extent but you may be aware of the influx of colour that this season has welcomed. If you are comfortable with this idea of subtle outfits and only want to add colour as a minor detail then feel free to do so through your accessories. Think about adding a pocket square in a bold colour or print, a bow tie in a shocking in a bold and enhancing colour. Men’s shoes are becoming more and more vibrant and edgy so maybe you could use this as your go to point for a colour lift to your look.

Red is a great colour to start with, as red is bold and eccentric. It’s such a minor change that it may seem to go unnoticed for you but for others it reinforces your style. I’ve chosen red because it’s a subtle, yet strong colour. Of course I’m not saying that you should wear a completely red look or you need red to dominate the entirety of your outfit but adding a colour brings a stylish tone to what you’re wearing.

washable tiedark red shirtbiking red white

dockers alpha slimfitherschel backpack in redwayfarer sunglasses

4. Jewellery

There’s a common misconception that jewellery can only be worn by women. Common misconception, indeed. Jewellery worn by men can be bold but it can also be very minor. Putting a ring on your finger or – my personal favourite – bracelets can add a certain sophistication to your style.

Bracelets don’t have to be made of silver or gold, they can be made of plastic and have a very earthy, oaky finish. Jewellery completely depends on what look you want to go for and once you decide that you can incorporate that look into your own, thereby re-signing your own signature.

shark tooth necklaceaztec pinky ringblue magic bracelet

bead bracelet packbrushed dog necklacespike earrings pack

5. The Right Fit

The appeal of slim fitting clothes in favour of baggy and unflattering choices should be a clear one. When buying clothes the idea of investing in well fitting garments should already be a primary intention, well fitting and tailored clothes make the body look better by enhancing what you already have. Think of well fitting shirts as a better alternative to shirts without any back darts whatsoever, the difference in construction is subtle but the overall visual effect is wonderfully drastic. While purchasing expertly tailored pieces may seem to be costly, you can purchase off the high street rack and have these clothes adjusted for you for a fraction of the price by a local seamstress or tailor, or maybe you know someone who is a dab hand at alterations.

skinny peak jacketvelvet blazerbenetton blazer

cotton sateencanvas slim trouserscompact skinny trousers


There you have it. Five easy, delicate and minor details that will, indeed, enhance your style. As always, we’re excited to hear your thoughts, opinions and experiences so let’s have them. Let us know what you’ve done in the past and what happened when you tried the five details stated.