5 Items Of Clothing To Save Your Money On

The biggest challenge a lot of men face when it comes to improving their style is lack of funds…

But money shouldn’t hold you back from dressing well.

Increasing the amount of money you earn or winning the lottery isn’t your only option, you can shop smarter.

In this feature I highlight 5 items of clothing you can save your money on, freeing up money to spend on investment pieces and improving your wardrobe.

1. The T-Shirt

It makes me laugh when I see a man splashing over $50 on a t-shirt because of a logo, especially when they don’t have that kind of money to throw around.

It’s important to remember that a logo doesn’t make you stylish, so always invest in quality and versatility.

With t-shirts I’d recommend cutting costs by going for basic colour-ways and avoiding brands. I tend to buy a lot of my t-shirts from UNIQLO.

mens t-shirts

Pay attention to the quality though, investing in good cottons and good production and you’ll find the t-shirt will still look good for years to come.

My recommended price range? $10 – $20 per t-shirt.

2. Socks & Underwear

I’ve seen socks selling for over $50, a price I simply cannot justify for an accessory that keeps my toes warm.

Although socks do serve a purpose when it comes to dressing well, overspending isn’t needed.

Don’t neglect the importance of socks by wearing those off white athletic socks you wear to the gym, but keep it simple with merino wool and don’t be afraid of a bit of colour.


When it comes to underwear, the advice is simple…

No brand name boxer shorts will get you laid more than some classic unbranded white boxer shorts.

3. Shorts

When it comes to shorts for me, I don’t spend a lot of money on them. The main reason? I’m from the UK and we don’t get a lot of sunshine!

Therefore the amount of times I wear shorts isn’t very often, so I spend less on them to free up more money for jackets, overcoats, shirts and jeans.

Now if your day to day style consists of shorts, then switch out this example for something less suited to your style and climate.

4. Accessories

Accessories serve the purpose of adding individual touches to an outfit. They’re used to enhance an outfit, not to make it.

Therefore you’ll want a few accessories in your wardrobe so you can individualise any outfit.


Take a tie for example, you could spend $150 on one tie and wear it over and over again. Or you can buy 3 ties, 3 pocket squares, a tie clip and a scarf for $150. What option gives you more?

Focusing on quality is important when it comes to buying accessories but don’t be afraid to spend less but buy more.

5. Loungewear

I don’t get it… why would you spend a lot of money on what you wear to sleep in?

Cut back the costs on loungewear and instead invest in pieces worth the money.

Loungewear should be comfortable and minimal, it doesn’t have to be made from the finest fur with Gucci written across the back. Focus on making an impression outside of the house, rather than inside it.


Invest Wisely

So there we have it, 5 items of clothing you can save your money on.

By cutting back costs with these items you can free up some money to spend on investment pieces such as shoes, suits, outerwear and denim.

Remember to focus on spending money on items you need and will wear often and don’t veer away from versatility.

What items of clothing do you save money on?

Let me know in the comments below.

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