5 Grooming Products You Should Be Stealing From Your Girlfriend

For years your girlfriend has been helping herself to your wardrobe, gradually squirrelling away your favourite jumpers to keep herself warm on winter nights and shamelessly wearing your expensive work shirts to laze around in on Sunday afternoons.

Now it’s time to get your own back.

You may not have realised it before, but the answers to some of your most irritating skin and haircare dilemmas are sitting right there on your other half’s dressing table.

You just need to know what you’re looking for and you’ll be able to tackle your annoying dry lips and flat quiff without having to spend a penny.

That’s why we’re sharing the ultimate guide to the women’s grooming products every man should know about. If your girlfriend doesn’t already have them for you to help yourself to, you’ll know exactly what to buy ‘her’ as a gift next time you’re near a Boots. Check it out.

1. Clean Up Your Pores

Blackheads and pimples are never a good look, so freshen up your oily T-zone and nose with some complexion brightening pore cleansing strips. BIORÉ’s charcoal ones give the best finish, especially when applied to problem areas straight after a hot shower (steam opens the pores, making cleaning easier).

If you’re nicking them from your girlfriend’s dressing table, though, then it’s probably best to wait till she’s popped out for an hour two before using them to avoid an argument.

evening skincare for men

2. Rescue Your Lips

A particularly heavy night on the town, a hot day in the sun, a long and exhausting shift stuck in your air-conditioned office – there are lots of things that can cause your lips to become dry, chapped and peeling.

Rescue your pout and leave it looking irresistibly kissable again with the help of an exfoliating lip scrub (The Body Shop’s Lipscuff boasts a nice, minty aftertaste).

3. Add Volume To Your Hair

There’s nothing quite so soul-destroying as a bad hair day, those terrible mornings when it stubbornly sits flat on your head in greasy curtains that even 90s-era Peter Andre would think were a tad too much.

Avoid similar disasters in the future by getting to grips with a hair curler wand, like this Pick-and-Mix styler from Mark Hill which comes with a small barrel perfect for adding some volume to your short locks.

facial hair

4. Keep Your Skin Healthy

Cleanser doesn’t just remove makeup, it’ll also get rid of pore-blocking dead skin cells and all the daily grime that accumulates on your face.

Find your girlfriend’s, pop a small amount on a cotton wool pad and gently smooth it onto your skin (in an upwards movements) every night before bed. You’ll be left with a bright and healthy complexion all year round.

mens skincare routine

5. Get Your Feet Beach-Ready

Although we’re sure you’d much rather not think about dry, cracked heels, with your summer beach holiday right around the corner now’s the time to get your feet looking presentable after a long winter of hiding them away in Doc Martens.

Palmer’s Foot Magic Cream is an absolute bargain beauty saviour that’ll smooth even the roughest of skin.

What other grooming products can you never resist stealing from your girlfriend’s dressing table? Leave a comment and let us know.