5 Do’s & Don’ts When Dealing With a Local Car Servicing Garage

Whether you live in southern England and drive around cities like Bristol, Brighton and London or you reside somewhere north of the border and are more used to motoring on the M74, the M8 or the A9, you will need to have your car serviced from time to time. Of course, some motorists don’t have their cars serviced at all. This can be very problematic regardless of where you live in the country because a poor service history won’t just devalue your car but could lead to you driving illegally.

Why find out just before starting a long journey from Dunbar to Dundee, from Abingdon to Aberdeen or from Carlisle to Canterbury that your car isn’t roadworthy? Not only will you have to postpone your road trip but you may need to fork out much more in repairs than would have been the case had your car been professionally serviced for you. In other words, local car servicing centres not only provide great value for money but they help to keep you on schedule, as well. What should you be doing and avoiding when you deal with such a centre, however?

1. Do Research and Choose a Reputable Service Provider

Not all car servicing garages offer the same quality of service. Before booking your car in for a service, do some research on the centres in your area. Check their online ratings and read some customer reviews. You can even ask for recommendations from family and friends, a good idea if you’re new to the area. Seek out garages that are known for their reliable, efficient and customer-focussed services.

2. Don’t Ignore Your Vehicle’s Maintenance Schedule

Each vehicle comes with a recommended maintenance schedule supplied by the manufacturer when the car was new. You will find this in the vehicle’s manual. This schedule suggests when certain parts, such as fan belts and other systems, should be checked or replaced. Some go on age while others relate to the miles the car has driven. Ignoring this schedule can lead to issues going unnoticed so make sure your car servicing technician is aware of any scheduled parts that ought to be inspected.

3. Do Schedule the Service in Advance

Car service centres can get busy at certain times. It may be that you won’t get a slot if you try to book at the last minute or just turn up unannounced. Therefore, it’s advisable to schedule your car service in advance. Importantly, scheduling in advance will also give you the flexibility to choose a time that’s convenient for you. For example, with Fife Autocentre’s fully equipped service centre, easy online booking system for car services in Dundee and experienced team of mechanics, you can trust that your car is in good hands when you reserve your servicing timeslot.

4. Don’t Assume the Cheapest Service is the Best

Although it’s tempting to choose a local car servicing provider that offers the lowest prices, this isn’t always going to be the best decision. In other words, you tend to get what you pay for north or south of the border. A cheaper service might not provide the thoroughness you’re looking for. You may also find that cheaper centres don’t have the specialist diagnostic tools required by more modern models of cars.

5. Do Prepare a List of Concerns or Issues

Finally, if you have noticed specific issues with your car, then make a list of these concerns to discuss with the service technician. Unusual sounds, unexpected changes in fuel efficiency or difficulty starting in wet conditions, for example, can all be worth pointing out in advance. Doing so will help the mechanic to diagnose any potential issues more accurately.