5 Creative Haircare Routines To Help Eliminate Bed Bugs

A bed bug infestation is a very frustrating experience because it is difficult to get rid of bed bugs. They are very parasitic and will keep you uncomfortable for a long time unless you take severe measures to get rid of them. Most people have had the harrowing experience of having a bed bug-infested home and even managed to get rid of them at some point. One of the ways to eliminate bed bugs from your personal space sometimes to improve personal hygiene and keeping a clean environment.

It is also very possible, and in fact, it often happens that bed bugs make a home out of your hair. As parasitic insects, they live off the naturally thin scalp of your hair, and this can keep you very uncomfortable. Even worse is the tendency of these insects to reproduce and multiply, thereby increasing your discomfort. You may have to deal with an itchy and bloody scalp. You may also run the risk of transferring it to other people, so when they find out that you have bed bugs in your hair, then you might be avoided. The good news is that bed bugs can be eliminated from your hair by certain hair care routines. When you follow these routines through then, you can keep them off your hair and be back to going about your regular hair care routines. These hair care routines are relatively simple, and you can follow through. Here are some of the hair care routines that will help you eliminate bed bugs from your hair;

1. Heat Treatments: bed bugs do not survive heat exposure that is why you are always advised to burn a bed bug-infested foam or mattress, but you do not have to burn your hair, you have to expose it to high temperatures even above hundred degrees to kill the bed bugs and their eggs. You can use a sauna for this purpose, or you can use a steamer to give your hair a heat treatment that will help eliminate bed bugs from your hair. You can repeat these processes of heat treatments until you are satisfied with the result and sure that no bed bugs are living rent-free in your hair.

2. Use of Alcohol-based products: alcohol kills bed bugs and their eggs too. It is an excellent way to eliminate bed bugs from your hair, but it has a side effect of making your hair very dry. You do not have to choose between having a bed bug free hair and having a dry hair when you can mix alcohol in shampoos to revitalize your hair and keep it from becoming dehydrated while still eliminating bed bugs from your hair. This is a win-win for you. You also have to be careful with your choice of hair moisturizer and shampoos that you choose to mix with alcohol. Repeating this hair care routine will give you the desired result of eliminating bed bugs from your hair.

3. Using a wide-toothed comb: bed bugs can be eliminated by using firm and wide-toothed combs. The type of combs that you use to remove lice from your hair. It is most effective when you wash your hair properly first to detangle your hair so that the comb passes freely through your hair, just combing your hair without first detangling it first will only dislodge the bed bugs without actually removing them. When you have washed and detangled your hair properly, you should proceed to comb your hair while leaning over the sink or outdoors where the bed bugs cannot just make a new home in your environment. You should make sure to avoid doing this routine on a carpet as bed bugs easily hide and breed in carpets. This hair care routine is most effective when it is repeated over some time, doing it once may not guarantee that you will remove all bed bugs from your hair. Keep the comb you use for this routine separately to make sure you do not transfer bed bugs to other hair care materials like your hairbrush.

4. Use of Hair Oils: a lot of hair products that can kill and eliminate bed bugs and their eggs from your hair, but of course, the trick is identifying and using the right products. There are a lot of hair oils and products out there that will not serve this purpose, so you have to pick the right products. When shopping for hair oils and products that can eliminate bed bugs from your hair, you should look out for products that contain oils from eucalyptus, cinnamon, cedar, olive, and peppermint. These products contain oil that makes your hair an uncomfortable place for bed bugs. Applying these hair oils regularly over some time will eliminate bed bugs from the hair. It is a hair care routine that will make your hair look healthier.

5. Washing your hair and combing your beards: washing your hair regularly and vigorous will help eliminate bed bugs breeding and habiting in your hair. Hair washing is a neglected hair care routine, but it is essential when you have bed bugs. If you have beards, then it is also vital you comb your beds to remove smaller bed bugs and eggs from your facial hair. Wash your hair as much as possible as a hair care routine.

These hair care routines, when you stay true to all or some of them for as long as possible, will help you live free from bed bugs. Some people find themselves asking how long do bed bug bites last with hopes that they can endure it, but it is best not to have the experience, and when you do experience it, you try as much as possible to get rid of it.