4 Ways for Making Sure Your Style Game is Strong at University

Right now, the chances are that you’re settled into Uni and pretty excited, yet nervous about this year’s exams / that hot girl who sits in front of you/ your new set of mates / new living arrangements, etc… it’s a big deal and there’s a lot to think about. What will your flat be like? Will your housemates be cool? Will you manage all that academic stuff and what the hell will you wear?

If you want to stride with confidence into this year of Uni, these tips from 883 Police will help you kick off a top year at university looking on point from your mens designer jeans – to your accessories:

Be Smart(ish)

It helps to make a good impression, not just for your street cred on campus, but on the lecturers and academics.

Pack a few smart shirts that have a more mature and carefree feel.

Mix it up with a selection of plain, patterned, short and long-sleeved shirts. They’ll come in handy for job interviews, meetings with your personal tutor, clubs with a smart dress code and if you’re lucky, a hot date.

Be Relaxed

Jeans and t-shirts are your best friends at Uni. They’re lightweight, easy to pack, soft enough to keep you comfy in class, smart enough to get you into the clubs on a night out and better yet, they don’t need ironing. Result. Pack a selection.

Be Comfortable

Comfy clothes help you to feel confident and at ease, and when you’re trying to get your head around difficult new topics or nail those all-important exams or essays, every little helps.

Set yourself up for productive all-nighters in the library and lengthy lectures with the right gear.

Pack a few sweatshirts or hoodies and remember that university campuses can be spread across miles so do the sensible thing and pack a lightweight waterproof jacket. It might sound like the kind of advice your Nan would give, (“don’t forget your kagool, dear”) but when you sit down for a two-hour lecture in damp clothes, it’s the one piece of advice you’ll wish you’d listened to.


Be Practical

Some days it will feel like it might be easier to just hire a van or a personal slave to lug all your books and equipment across campus. Make life easy on yourself and spend some cash on a quality bag.

Whether you go for a holdall, satchel or shoulder-bag (never choose an Inbetweeners-style briefcase) look for robust fabrics, reinforced stitching, thick shoulder straps, decent fastenings, some internal pockets for all your bits and pieces and, of course, a cool design.

Sounds like a lot to ask for from just one bag but 883 Police have got it covered.

883 Police sell mens designer bags as well as quality urban menswear that lasts, looks good, and is made for fun, fast-paced, city or campus living. Check out their range, order online and get kitted out for some of the best years of your life.