4 Reasons Guys Are Using CBD on Their Skin

CBD has been at the forefront of the natural wellness and cosmetics industry over the last few years. Most of this attention results from research and clinical studies showing that CBD may be a beneficial addition to skincare routines. 


CBD infused skincare products are becoming increasingly popular, with fun options such as PureKana CBD bath bombs. As the CBD topical industry continues to grow, so has the range of specialized skincare products, particularly those marketed to men. 

CBD skincare products designed for men have been much more successful than many people might expect. This is due to several reasons, all of which are detailed below. 

Reason #1: To Moisturize the Skin

CBD infused face and body creams that are designed to moisturize the skin are not a new thing. However, it is only in recent years that there have been options marketed towards men. Creams and lotions infused with CBD are a great way to hydrate the skin, providing essential minerals and nutrients.

Dry and irritated skin is a common issue, particularly after shaving. CBD creams may be a simple way to help skin recovery. As well as a pain reliever, CBD is thought to have anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to soothe the skin after shaving.

Adding a CBD infused facial moisturizer or body butter into one’s daily skincare routine is a simple step that can help the skin to feel and appear much softer. Other options like soaking in a bath with a CBD bath bomb can also be a simple way to keep skin hydrated.

Reason #2: To Keep Skin Looking Young

CBD has become a common ingredient in many anti-aging creams. The main aim of anti-aging creams is to prevent collagen loss, which keeps our skin looking youthful.

Collagen is a protein that helps to give skin its volume and structure. It creates the firm, plump feel that younger skin has. Over time, skin loses its elasticity, causing it to appear thinner and much more fragile.

Although little is known about how CBD impacts collagen itself, many claim that hemp products can reduce the signs of aging. Due to its oil production, CBD products may hydrate oil glands that affect skin imperfections, such as redness and minor lines.

However, there is still a lot more research needed to fully understand the effects of CBD on anti aging. 

Reason #3: To Ease Aches and Pains

An extremely common use of CBD is to help treat aches and pains across the body. Depending on the source of pain, CBD topicals such as creams, patches, and lotions are often the best options. CBD creams can target specific areas of skin, which is not possible for other products like oils and edibles.

There has been a great deal of research surrounding CBD and its use in pain management. The anti-inflammatory properties found within CBD and hemp products are thought to ease many common types of inflammation that can trigger physical discomfort.

CBD creams can be a great option when looking to naturally treat common aches such as those caused by sports injuries.

Reason #4: To Treat Acne

CBD creams are often used to help reduce acne across both the body and face alike. It is thought that CBD can work to inhibit sebum production, which, when left to build up, can lead to acne. The natural anti-inflammatory properties in CBD can also make acne less noticeable.

CBD infused skincare products are by no means a cure-all solution for acne. However, new studies have shown that they can help reduce the signs of acne. Switching to a CBD infused moisturizer or a CBD body soap is a simple step that might make a noticeable difference.