4 Fashion Lessons from Ocean’s 11 Friends

Are you a fan of gambling and know everything about slots and how to get an online casino bonus? Then you surely know the classic Ocean’s Eleven movie. This film is about friends who decided to ransack the casino in Las Vegas, and these guys look pretty stylish. Here are lessons this movie can teach you if you also want to be fashionable.

Bright Colors

Bill Zehme, a journalist, author of one of the most successful and popular biographies of Frank Sinatra, said that the bright colors do not threaten you. Sinatra liked to wear pink, lavender, mauve but especially orange clothes.

During his first appearance in the shot, Danny Ocean is wearing a mohair pale orange pullover. The character combines it with a white shirt and dark pants.

The combination is bold but looks very elegant. This outfit is definitely worth adopting if the hoodies and jeans finally bore you. Pay special attention to the shirt. The collar is wide and elongated. The same shirt was worn by Brad Pitt’s character in the 2001 film. 


One of Sinatra’s closest friends is actor and singer Dean Martin. He played the role of Sam Harmon, also a very curious character in terms of his outfits.

For example, he masterfully combines a white shirt, a three-button wool single-breasted jacket with three pinstripe pockets, and slacks. It sounds doubtful, but in this movie, it looks great. The secret of success is in the right chosen colors.


Grey is the key color of the movie. Yet, of all the outfits that appear on the screen, we would like to single out the jacket in the sporty style of Sinatra’s hero. It is an absolute must-have even today. Danny Ocean wore it with dark-colored pants and completed the jacket with a nice scarf and a tie in slightly noticeable dark blue polka dots.


This movie is the best demonstration of Sy Devore’s work, and the characters are a good example of how exactly one should wear suits. Danny Ocean has a habit of sticking his hands in his pockets. But even in such poses, he looks as if the suit is his second skin.

All in all, although the main characters of this movie are true gangsters, there is still something you can learn from them. Choosing similar outfits is amazing for parties or dinner in a restaurant. Be sure other visitors will definitely look at you!