3 tips to promote your men’s fashion brand to a younger audience

3 tips to promote your men’s fashion brand to a younger audience

As a fashion brand for men, you need to stay up to date when it comes to the latest trends. The market for young people’s clothes is huge, which means you need to take steps to tap into it. More importantly, you need a holistic marketing plan to reach young people and get their attention. 

In this blog post, we’ve put together some tried and tested strategies for you to market to a younger audience effectively. These will help you reach a new and crucial demographic, and bring in more sales.

1. Hire a fashion blogger

If you want your men’s clothing brand to connect with an audience on a whole new level, you need to hire a fashion blogger. Instead of just curating your brand’s Instagram and Facebook feeds, they interact with customers and create content that encourages people to buy your clothing. 

A fashion blogger should essentially be responsible for the following things:

  • Putting different clothing items together and creating an outfit, then posting it on social media – you can use PosterMyWall’s online poster maker to create one creative graphic that contains all of the items together
  • Give your customers tips on how to dress for a particular event or season
  • Match colors and make creative pairings that will appeal to your customers
  • Listen and respond to customers’ needs e.g. new colors or prints, and bring them to your attention

Young people are increasingly looking to portray their personalities through their clothes. If you have a fashion blogger who dedicates their time to curating such content for your customers, the latter will see your clothes as the solution they’re looking for.

2. Make your website mobile-friendly

Young people are increasingly shopping on their mobile phones and tablets. Therefore, make sure your site is available in a format that’s ideal for mobile devices. 

The easier it is for customers to scroll through your site on their phones, the more likely it is that they’ll stay on it longer. Here are some general rules for mobile-friendly websites:

  • Make sure the “Add to Cart” and “Buy” icons are clearly visible and easy to access
  • The pictures you add should be big enough for small screens
  • Remove unnecessary icons such as banners and social media links – keep the screen as clean and minimalist as possible
  • Show a small “Menu” option in the corner of the screen at all times

3. Partner up with influencers

Influencers play a huge role in modern marketing. By using influencers, you’ll be able to reach millions of young people, and therefore, sell more products. Your focus should be Instagram influencers because these have the largest following, especially among young people. 

Reach out to influencers via direct messages on Instagram. Pitch your business to them and send them a small PR package, which should include some clothes that they can try on and show to their audience. Ask them to tag you and let their followers know where they can buy your clothes. 

Once you’ve established a successful partnership, share their content about your clothes on your social media. This way, you’ll increase engagement online and build a bigger Instagram following. 

These strategies will help you connect with a younger audience and take your men’s fashion brand to a whole new level. Remember, clothing marketing is now all about branding, image, and accessibility. So take advantage of that!