3 Smart Tips for Choosing the Bachelor Party Destinations

Planning an upcoming bachelor party for a close friend or family member means you are up for a lot of planning and challenging endeavours. One of the most important items you will quickly need to tick off the long list of things to do is finding the best location for the bachelor party. Or maybe it’s a long weekend getaway you have in mind for the event, in which case you will need to find a more versatile place with a generous list of inviting activities.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the smartest tips for choosing the best destination for a future bachelor party you are working on planning. Make sure to travel lite and luggage free so, wherever you decide to go, you can enjoy a stress-free trip.

Tip #1: Opt for An Affordable Bachelor Party Destination

If you can afford to spend thousands on a luxury destination and a private jet to take you there, by all means, do it. However, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to have just as much fun while not spending an arm and a leg on it. Plus, not everyone might be able to afford a very expensive trip, so you will need to figure out just how far you can afford to travel and how luxurious of an accommodation you can look for.

  • Some smart and cheap destinations could include some cities that are more under the radar and which should welcome you with more affordable lodging, food, and beverages.
  • When it is time to calculate the budget, make sure you also include the airfare. See if you can fly a low-cost airline such as Ryanair or Easyjet and save even more precious money on the cost of your tickets by travelling without luggage to a foreign European country like Spain, Croatia, France, or Malta.
  • Ship your luggage using an expert luggage shipping service and avoid having to pay extra in luggage fees at the airport, while getting rid of the stress of having to permanently keep an eye on your bags or deal with lost bags when arriving at the destination and you are ready to get the party started.

Go to Nashville for the Live Bands

Plan a trip to Nashville if you would like to see a few cool live music bands playing in a cozy bar all day and night.

Visit Myrtle Beach for Fun Water Activities

Choose Myrtle Beach for the affordable booze and accommodation, and plan a day going jet skiing and spend the evening doing keg stands.

Stay in Tampa and Pay a Third Less for the Hotel Than in Miami

Tampa is the much more affordable and appealing alternative to the Gulf Coast where you will enjoy the classy Cuban cigars and tasty tapas while saving on cheap lodgings.

Try Newark, New Jersey for a Change

While you might have never considered planning a bachelor party in Newmark or the New Jersey area on purpose, think again. Newark is actually a pretty cool place with an incredible plethora of culinary delights in the historic Ironbound region, and you could spend the day on the 130 miles of beautiful Atlantic coasting, tanning, and surfing on some of the most popular beaches in the US. Don’t forget to snap some Instagrammable photos of the famous Jersey Shore and book a table at one or two of the excellent craft breweries and wineries you will also find here. Get ready to sample some of the tastiest varieties without worrying about spending the steep prices you would normally pay in Napa. There are loads of good wine and beer places here, just pay attention to where you’re going and you’re bound to come across a new place popping up.

Tip #2: Go Have Some Reggae Fun in Jamaica

If you are truly interested in going someplace unique where you have never been before and have a blast with the guys, choose Jamaica. The island will have you vibing to its reggae tunes nonstop while keeping you entertained with its unique $22-dollar pum-pums you can ask for in any club you might visit.

Tip #3: Head to Puerto Rico for the Hyperactive Nightlife

If you would like to enjoy all the thrills of going to Vegas without actually travelling to Sin City for a bachelor party, try Puerto Rico in San Juan instead. Get ready to hit the casinos and wild nightclubs here, check out the music venues, and admire the thrift girls wearing their minuscule bathing suits.

Wherever you choose to go, make sure to have a blast with your friends and make it a night (or a few) to remember!