3 Outfits to Style with your Phone Case This Season

Love switching up your aesthetic? Follow these steps on how to match your outfit to your phone case, if women can have their handbags, why can’t we have our cases? Here are three of our go to Fall/Winter outfits and colour palettes that you can follow easily and pair accordingly with your case of choice.

The Warm Autumnal Tones

As typical cold-weather fashion goes, we all fall to the browns, beiges and dark colours we have hidden from the sunny weather. As the leaves crunch down and the dark nights draw in we reach for those warm colours once again. Here we pick our favourite go to outfits, and our case of choice to pair alongside them.

We love reaching for a pair of khakis and a chunky knit, a classic style for the weekend that can be dressed up with a blazer or harrington, and dressed down with a denim jacket.

We pair this outfit with a two tone textured case with a reflective back. The classic leather, linen mix texture provides a protective case, perfectly formed for everyday interaction, whilst making a style statement.

This back shell is a must for the trend hunter, with an integrated handy rear card storage pocket, providing military grade protection via the injected molded body. Primed to survive impact drops from 6ft. Fully compatible with Qi wireless charging.

The Weekend Suit Warriors

For the men that brave a suit on weekdays AND weekends, this outfit selection is for you. We aim to please and feature all styles and aesthetics. These dapper gentleman are rarely seen slipping or anything less than the gent they portray. Their always perfected exterior is reflected by an ever polite and respectful demeanor.

We love the contrast between formal and casual suits. Swap the wools for linens, or a lighter material for a more relaxed and comfortable fit.

We pair this gentleman with the Weave Texture Back Shell Burgundy case, no bold suit should fall short of a bold case to accompany it. This high-quality iPhone 11 Pro case with weave texture offers a sophisticated and professional look. The case is lightweight and flexible, perfectly formed for everyday interaction, whilst making a style statement. This iPhone 11 Pro is a must for the trend hunter.

The Ultimate Surfer-Dude

The laid back surfer-style dude needs the ultimate laid-back outfit. Chuck on a tank or an opened hoodie for the ultimate “zero effort” vibe. Grab a pair of your drawstring trunks and some classic Toms and Uggs and take your board to the waves.

We pair this RAD dude with an equally as radical phone case, in-keeping with their eco-earth loving lifestyle, we’ve paired them with an awesome eco-case. Saving the planet one wave and one phone case at a time. Totally awesome, dude. This soft to touch first ever 100 % biodegradable leather, Eco friendly iPhone 11 case is part of the new iPhone cases range. The fashionable iPhone 11 case with Eco-friendly leather and genuine wood back shell offers a sophisticated and professional look.

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