2021 Hairstyle Trends – What’s Going to Be Top of Crops in 2021

By Edward Lemont

Over the past year, we’ve had to become our own personal barbers keeping our fades, well faded and hair acceptable enough for Zoom meetings. 

Well, with the new year upon us, MFM have identified the top hairstyle trends which can easily be done at home or kept up your sleeve for when the barber shops reopen! 

First up, it’s ‘The Beckham 2.0’ – Not the main man himself, but Romeo Beckham’s Vogue cover crop. This 90’s inspired, boyband fantasy which also pays homage to Victoria’s famous blonde crop is the perfect style for those growing out their hair during lockdown. 

Easy enough to maintain, but be sure to thin out the side and back to taper the hair in. style with salt spray and matte paste to keep the hair looking thick, rather than far too slick. 

Image Credit: Vogue 

Next up, it’s ‘Fluorescent Gent’ – Lockdown one, was all about the bleach whereas this time, we’re seeing more fluorescent hues come through. Start by bleaching dry hair with Bleach London Oplex Bleach (tip: If you have short hair, use half the dosages and save the other half for top ups), then tone with Bleach London Slime Light Neon Green or Tangerine Dream to complete your new electrifying  look. 

Image credit: @williamxturner

Another trend we’ve spotted, as seen on actors Timothee Chalamet and most recently Jonathan Bailey on Bridgerton, is ‘The Micro-Wave’ – A subtle, textured wave, perfect for those looking to give hot styling tools a well-deserved break. 

This look requires a small amount of training of the hair, particularly if you’re used to wearing it up. Once out the shower, immerse your hair in a sea salt spray and using a wide tooth comb manipulate the hair down to one side of your face. Next, with your fingers gently rub your hands through your hair, to give the hair texture. Let your hair dry naturally and finish with a matt clay, only a pea-sized amount as you don’t want to weigh your hair down too much, and voila you’re micro-wave ready! 

Image credit: Netflix via Ace Showbiz

Finally, ‘The Mini-Mohawk’ – Recently spotted on Zayne Malik, it’s a short, blended and textured style which will require you to use all the skinguards your hair trimmer came with. 

Create a horseshoe shape from the highest point of your eyebrows all the way back until it connects at the back. Start the fade low until you’ve created your shape and then start blending and trimming the tips. Texturise using Vo5 got2b Roaring High Sprayable Clay, but don’t press the hair down until the spray has fully dried. 

Image credit: GQ