December 2, 2014

For a fashionably festive season check out Ted Baker’s latest film.
Here, at MFM, we’re all about the classic stylish looks and this is full of it – inspiration to be taken.
Taking a break has never been more stylish. Now, with winter, adding the coat, hat and sunglasses together makes it the definition of stylish.
We’re in the coat mood today but this look is all about the scarf. The red draws the outfit together, neatly, perfectly and with a great amount of style.
The coat becomes one of the most features in your outfit this time of year. With this look, take note of how to make it that bit different.
Check out Topman’s video where they show off just how competitive wearing a Christmas sweater can be.
This look is an ode to winter – the woolen hat, scarf, jacket and arrange of colours are the meaning of the season.
Our latest article looks into the news that MANGO have decided to include all new menswear lines under the name of MANGO Man. Read on for all the details.