November 3, 2014

This casual and stylish way of dressing is just perfect for those autumn days when you want to walk through the woods and have some creative peace.
We’re in a very accessory mood today and this look shows how wonderful they can be with your outfit. Even as work or at formal occasions, they work.
Check out the latest video to see the City Highlander Menswear portion of the AW14 T.M. Lewin collection.
Just because winter is coming doesn’t mean we can’t indulge in some accessories – hiding under the coat and jumpers we can see all.
There are not many men’s shoes that can be classed as ‘iconic’ but the Converse All Star is an exception. Our latest article has all the news you need for

There are not many men who can combine fashion and style – as a rule we generally fall into one camp or the other. Fashion is based on the principles