March 19, 2014

How businesses are formed is always an interesting story. In the case of Sir Plus, it’s more so: “I wanted to start a boxer short company, so set about my

The spirit of the Zegna group stands in the very centre of the Ermenegildo Zegna collection. Here, we have a representation of solid benchmarks, grown with tradition and fashion techniques.

We’re in love with this Houndstooth blazer, and the whole ensemble is really build around it. The tie injects some print, and the rest of the look stays formal with
MFM’s Stephen Kelly interviewed street style photographer Jonathan Daniel Pryce on the set of our recent style challenge.

First Kiss, a short film about (you guessed it) first kisses, has dominated the Internet for the past couple of weeks. If you haven’t seen it- hats off to you,

Ever been to a hairdressers, they sit you down and ask what you want and you try and explain it to them and you know they’re just not getting it?

Top quality products have become an important factor in boosting the ritual of personal male grooming, and with so many of us gents becoming so much more into our complexions

This stylish gent rocks a classic look on a sunny day. The detailing is a stand out feature, accessorizing with a tie, pocket square, braces and sunglasses.

With a resurgence in cycling over the past decade; the intrinsic relationship between fashion and this principal means of transportation has formed a strong stylistic bond. Today people from all