December 30, 2013

Liberty London is all about sleek, understated style so it stands to reason that their Head Menswear Buyer would be Stephen Ayres, a man whose own style is exactly that.

Check out this video on how to achieve a quick gentlemen’s quiff from Toni & Guy.
Brian Sacwa, the author and creative director of He Spoke Style, sees connections between style and music. Fronting one of the biggest menswear blogs, we put the spotlight on Brian.
David Gandy has a habit of showing us all up in the style stakes, but nonetheless this Burberry trench is a great classic item.
We have mentioned before how this kind of dark end edgy look is popular this season. Dark colours mixed with edgy layering create a great look to show off your
A dapper look is always lifted to another level when you incorporate this kind of check fabric, it looks modern and refined without appearing stuffy.

Black, the colour of death they say. Who they are exactly I’m not entirely sure but one thing I do know is that black is the colour of style, black